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Romesh Gunesekera’s first novel ‘Reef’ which won the Booker Prize in 1994 celebrates 25 years! A book that has been read and admired by many for years, the session at FGLF was almost like a reminiscence of sorts to many. 

At the session, Romesh took the time to discuss his characters and their background in depth and explained the intricate workings behind the novel.

“I didn’t directly base my characters off of people I know”

he answered when asked if the characters in the book are people who are known to him,

“But I think there are certain elements of people I’ve brutally used! Triton, for example, is partly based on how I cook I guess!” 

We also spoke to a few of the audience members to get their thoughts about the session;

“It was a great session. I’ve read his books and I thought they were such superb writing. Lovely, absolutely good stuff!” – Thilak 

“It was really interesting and insightful. We got a glimpse of the author beyond the book and his sensitivity and love of people” – Andrea


“It was really good. I liked the session” – Pradeepani


“It was an enriching insight to his book. And the humour in  the book was brought to life” – Shakira


“I loved Reef. I studied it in university and it was inspiring and I loved it” – Natasha

“It was a fantastic session. Romesh spoke about his book, and his love for cooking and about the relationships in the book” – Champika

“I read Reef 6 years ago and I got a lot of what he said and understood how his work is to be interpreted” – Lucille


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