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The Barnhouse Studio, an incredibly popular and creative concept, is already highly sought-after by most folks. Located in Panadura, the latest initiative by Studio U is ideal for destination weddings, family getaways and so much more. 

The Barnhouse Studio recently hosted an evening of country-style entertainment and diverse culinary offerings to the leading personnel of the event and photography industry in Sri Lanka. 

The aim of this event was to depict the style and beauty of the theme of The Barnhouse and to bring out the essence of its unique location, architecture, amenities and features. 

Guests were mesmerised by the stunning ambience that was designed in line with the country-style theme of The Barnhouse. A perfectly choreographed line up of entertainment included violinists, flautists, accordion and banjo players as well as a group of dancers portraying a typical country-barn village atmosphere. The renowned band “Marians” presented a nostalgic country music session, adding further vibrancy to the evening.    

“The Barnhouse was conceived as one complex, holistic location, architecturally articulated in demonstrating and authenticating a way of life, where we adapt to nature rather than changing it,”

said Kushantha Hewapathirana, the founder of The Barnhouse and Studio U.

“The Barnhouse specializes in creating unique experiences, be it leisure, adventure, dining, a wedding or any other event”.

The Barnhouse is a fully operational venue inclusive of its own culinary and service staff. The event also brought out the diverse talent of the culinary team who had thematically laid out an expansive buffet spread to further compliment the evening. 

Nestled among green-hued endless forests and green pastures, The Barnhouse is a boutique hotel concept architecturally situated on a 4-acre rubber plantation. The structure itself is based around the idea of an old English Barnhouse, and each element found on the premises is architecturally crafted in synchronization with the theme. For more information, visit www.barnhouse.lk.


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