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Today I was tagged on an interesting page run by twins and I must say they are cute and the food tastes amazing. These two boys speak the language of love and only positivity and humbleness you see in them. I was so happy I was able to spend my afternoon with them, not only trying their amazing food, but also coming to know how their challenging life has inspired them to achieve their dreams. Meet Sudesh and Thilina although their names don’t rhyme they sure sync in what they do.

What made you start the Twins Café?
Sudesh : Since childhood, we have been crazy fans of trying out different food and flavours. One of our biggest (we’d even say ‘only’) dreams was to venture into the food industry and stand out by doing something different. Our dream was so intense that, even if we passed by a shop or a bare plot of land, we’d visualize how it would look if we turned it into our very own business. Being twins, we have very different skills and personalities – Thilina can sort out vendors in a heartbeat, while I can prep you a panini in the same amount of time. So it was very clear that this was something we needed to do together – and 25 odd years down the line, that’s exactly what we did! 

Can the two of you cook? Who came up with all the recipes?
Thilina : Our mother made the best dishes – so it’s safe to say that she passed on those genes to both of us! When it comes to the Panini recipes in particular (which is our niche), Sudesh has had a lot of experience and exposure to foreign flavours. We never replicate any recipes – we only find our inspiration from them. So whatever is on our menu now, is the result of long hours of testing, adjusting and feedback (Sudesh tests and adjusts while I give my feedback ;) 

What would you say is the most selling on your menu?
Sudesh: That really depends on the customer. For someone who’s non-veg, we find that the BBQ chicken is a best-seller. On the other hand, those who hit the gym more often and/or are vegetarians, come in for the healthy Panini. 

Whom did you give the first sandwich to and what was their reaction?
Thilina: We gave our very first Panini to Mary Anne David. She loved it so much, that she ordered 15 more for her choir! 

What are the new things we can expect in the weeks to come at your new shop?
Sudesh: We always strive for innovation, quality and perfection – whether it is our recipes or in how we run our café.  So right now we’re looking at a few new sauces, vegan panini options and salads. We’re excited to see how it goes!

It's been only two weeks since them stepping out of the outdoor good market experience and moving into the Good Market store located at Lakpahana Handcraft. I did ask them to give me Top five items one should buy when they visit the Twins café: Breakfast overload, BBQ chicken, Healthy avocado, Pesto chicken and the Pol Sambol Panini.

But I must say I personally love the Pol sambol one. It sure is Lankan in every bite! I will say call up and reserve these fast-moving ones if you don’t want to be disappointed.

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