Spotlight on Cannabis

Nov 26 2021.

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Cannabis is a plant that has long been banned in Sri Lanka. However, it’s commercial uses are manifold. Here, Dr. Wasantha Sena Weliange explains the evolution of the plant and its uses in detail.


  1. Suresh Murugaser says:

    I am all for it, because its happening in so many countries. We have been brain-washed by the Ceylon Tobacco Co to legalise and consume cigarettes freely. These kill on a large scale through cancer and other diseases than marijuana. So, its time to legalise cannabis/marijuana and commercialise it. Apart from the curative benefits (think if the savings on western pharmaceuticals!), the foreign exchange earnings on exporting finished products alone would justify it. It can be sold in a controlled environment if necessary, to minimise risks of addiction. The addictive, harmful drugs are cocaine, crystal meth, heroin etc, which are all cheically manufactured.Needless to say, like alcohol or tobacco, excessive coonsumption is bad for you. Still, in the case of cannabis, the positives far out-weigh the negatives.

  2. Manmathan says:

    Cannabis Research Very important now Please call me when ABLE thanks again

  3. chuppramaniam srijeyakumar says:

    Cannabis have medicinal values . Pharmaceutical agencies dispense cannabis if physician prescribes. Dosage should be strictly adhered as over dosage can lead even to death

    • to die? says:

      Hello, do you know how many joints you have to smoke to die? A lot! It s not possible to die because of marihuanna. More people died because of alcohol. So lets ban to alcohol ;)

    • Nishal Fernando says:

      Please get informed and don’t spread such rediculous nonsens if you got no clou about it. According to a US study,to die from Cannabis you would have to consume (oral use) at least 1,5kg within 1 hour to die from heart failure.Cannabis is not lethal unlike alcohol and A class drugs like cocaine,heroin or ice.

  4. kasun says:

    There might have benefits but living in cannabies orgins, What I experienced was rather devastating. 1.Many use this for cooking, even with dhal curry and feed their chirdren. 2.It is surely addictive, haven't seen a one guy who have stopped taking since. 3.It would have only helped recreational professionals and devastated the other's life I think this gentlemen's research is far apart the truth.

  5. Kevin says:

    The Portuguese had nothing to do with it. It was the British who banned Marijuana in India and all the British colonies in spite of their own commission saying there was were no grounds to ban it. But the British mercantile establishment, the plantations, and the govt administration want the workers to report for work or muster or roll call on time and put in a full day of productive work instead of lying around high and relaxed. Please read the Indian Hemp Commission Report story. Type Indian Hemp Commission on Wikipedia

    • Nisal says:

      Your stupidity is rather fatal,than an cannabis overdose!

  6. tissa says:

    Why he Government Fail to Export Cannabis & Earn Dollars ?

  7. Sameera Dasanayake says:

    One should visit mental hospital Angoda (National Institute of Mental Health) or any other mental health units attached to other hospitals to see the suffering of people/families thanks to cannabis. Then you guys will even scare to think the name of this deadly substance!

    • CzechGirl says:

      Can you give me a proof of this claim? You spread totally false information. I hope you don´t drink alcohol, because of alcohol is more dangerous... vs. You know, politicians and society are still trying to give us opinions that they think are good, because the situation that is desirable for them is appropriate. Just look at the time of the war in Vietnam. President Nixon needed soldiers, people who would kill other people ... At that time, at the time of hippies, many people used LSD, these people loved everything around them because of this drug, they did not support violence, they did not want to go to kill other people in war (beatiful movie about this problem is "Hair"). That's why President Nixon has launched a major campaign on how bad this drug is (even though it has been in research on alcohol and other drug addiction or depression, and has had excellent results) and only now are a few scientists starting again. to deal with. What's worse? Taking drugs or killing because the president wants it? Why are people still sheep who listen to the opinions of others and do not form their own opinion?

  8. gAMINI says:

    I am in Canada and it is legalised here and it is said it is over $100 biillion business (someone need ot verify the numbers though - this is by memory. So instead of destroying it why not export and earn foreign exchange? Since it is legal here, the government had already considered all the plusses and negatives at ;east here where somewhat cself-control is there for hte people.

  9. Cyril Adigama Mudalige says:

    It is well known canabis are used for aurvedha medicine, infact some physician call it mirracal drug. It should be taken as a food suppliment along with, porridge etc. traditional Sinhala vedamahath thaias, use it in the form of arista, oil, traditional way of making plant tablets " so called guliya etc." It is better than any alcohol, cigarettes and will not get addicted if taken as a food suppliment. Our clergy, and himipanoes appear to be not understood the value of above herbal plant. If canada can why not sl. In australia it is grown as a medicinal plant but under strict supervision, for medical use only.

  10. Jaeson says:

    Just dont ruin people lives. We live in a country with a government of uneducated rats. We don't need this. This can be exported, but don't legalise it here. We have some many problems and this isn't one of them. We don't want people to be high at school, work. Already we see a lot of incidents of child abuse in Sri Lanka due to alcohol consumption by fathers, uncles, grand father. Just don't. This isn't necessary.

  11. NW says:

    Sri Lankans have been using cannabis for thousands of years. Some of the first known cannabis users were on the island

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