Shall we go to Jaffna?

Jul 11 2022.

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There are a few things we wish we knew in advance to plan our trip better;

  • Most of the must-visit destinations in Jaffna are quite far apart. Some takes the whole day; others are an hours’ drive away on opposite ends. Plan your trip for 4 days at the very least to really explore and map out your itinerary in advance. You will have to pick what you want to see the most and find places that are already on your route to make the most of your visit instead of wasting hours on the road.
  • It’s difficult to find tuks to travel around and in Jaffna’s dry arid heat, walking (even if it’s a short distance) is not fun. The tuks are also not metered, so be prepared to pay whatever is asked – most of them quote reasonable prices. Hire a vehicle from Jaffna if possible – it’s more convenient and affordable.
  • There are hardly any information boards or guides at most sites to explain their significance so you may have to rely on the internet for your history!
  • As a largely Hindu populated province, as a mark of respect, it’s important to dress appropriately. You will encounter a Kovil almost everywhere you go so cover up in order to be allowed entry. Shorts and skinnies in public are generally frowned upon.


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