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Sri Lanka is lacking the very thing every dog needs – space. Not all households have a big garden and public places such as parks exercise limited tolerance exclusively to dogs on a short leash and Sri Lanka is yet to hop on the trend of opening public dog-parks for free use. Unless you can find a free plot of land or a rarely used public place to let your pooch off-leash, there is truly no real place to let your dog run wild.

Canis Lanka, the pet-food company behind Sri Lanka’s first ever dedicated space for the four-legged member of your family, The Dog Park is giving dog owners an exclusive private space to treat their dog to a good time, packed with fun activities and a rare off-leash experience outside their homes. Located in Horona, The Dog Park is spread over 3 acres of land and includes recreational activities for the dogs, a natural lake to dip into and a lounge for the humans with food and WIFI.


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