For The Love of Peanut Butter!

Mar 09 2017.

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Peanut and jam sandwiches was my go to breakfast, snack or sometimes even dessert since I was a child. It is a classic combination that will never go wrong. Also, it's one of the easiest things to make! 


· Sliced bread 
· Butter 
· Peanut butter 
· Strawberry jam 
· Roasted peanuts 
· 2 regular bananas, sliced 


Spread butter on both slices of bread. 

Then on one slice, spread peanut butter followed by jam. 

Place the sliced bananas and sprinkle the roasted peanuts. 

Cut in half and toast till the bread turns golden brown. 

Best served while it’s still hot. 

VIDEO & PHOTOGRAPHS by Zeeshan Akram Jabeer


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