Oppo F3 Plus Selfie Expert Reviewed

Apr 04 2017. views 3560

A flawless smartphone experience 

The mobile phone industry was revolutionized with the introduction of the front cameras. The trend in taking selfies, increased the demand for smartphones that today, many people irrespective of their age are in possession of one. But setting a new wave in this trend, the Oppo F3 Plus Selfie Expert is all set to introduce a ‘Group Selfie’ revolution. 


Dual Camera System: The 120 degree-wide angle 8MP camera captures a wider view, 105 per cent more than a regular 80 degree lens field of view. This enables more people to enter the frame with minimized lens distortion. 

While on a recent visit to Jaffna, I took a few photos with my Oppo F3 Plus Selfie Expert and they looked absolutely clear and amazing. In fact the photos looked natural as they were in their original settings. 

Professional Pixel Player: This option allows users to take photos with a professional touch. The Expert Mode option gives more opportunity to concentrate on every detail of their photography, offering adjustment of shutter speed, focus, white balance and many other options. 

ColorOS 3.0 System: This ensures superb speed with less energy consumption with built-in Privacy Protection Feature and Avast-based virus scanner 

Long Battery Life and Unique Charger: The phone is equipped with a 4,000mAh battery, the OPPO-designed VOOC Flash Charge Solution and a customized operation system. The VOOC Flash Charger needs to be charged just for five minutes and it would give users a two hour talk time. This is quite true because the battery didn’t die for days and it was quite helpful for me. 

Lightning-Fast Touch Access: The F3 Plus uses front-facing fingerprint recognition, which is able to recognize a fingerprint and unlock the phone in just 0.2 seconds. 

Sleek Design: The F3 Plus features a 6 inch 2.5D Corning® Gorilla® Glass 5 screen, with a pre-applied protective screen coating, giving a premium look and a sleek design for its users.


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