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May 08 2024.

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I want to share my latest adventure in India and put down a few places you must make it to when you hit sunny Jaipur. Do you know why it’s called the Pink City? On almost every street in Jaipur, you’ll find buildings painted in this pleasing shade of dusty pink and it’s everywhere. And the reason? 

Back In 1876, Queen Victoria’s son, Albert Edward, Prince of Wales who would later be crowned as King Edward VII visited India. At the time, pink was the symbolic colour of hospitality and warmth. The King then, Maharaja Sawai Ram Singh had the whole city painted pink to welcome the British royals. It’s said that Prince Albert nicknamed Jaipur the ‘Pink City’ and the name stuck till today.

When in Jaipur I was absolutely mesmerized by the intricate beauty of Hawa Mahal. Each window tells a story of Rajasthan’s rich history and architectural brilliance. The Hawa Mahal may be Jaipur’s most famous pink building – and for good reason. Known as the Palace of Windows, this five-storey, crown-shaped building is simply mesmerizing. It was built from pink sandstone in 1799, then pinkwashed with calcium oxide paint in 1876 to boost the impact.

The Hawa Mahal has over 950 intricate lattice-work windows resembling the honeycomb, and you just can’t see beyond the windows as it was built for modesty - It was built that way so royal women could watch everyday life in central boulevard below without being seen by others on the street. Then it was time to climb as I was in the city of spectacular forts and it’s not fun when you are not that fit!! Amer Fort.

Built on a hilltop from pale pink and yellow sandstone, complemented by white marble and detailed paintings, this magnificent palace complex is breathtaking. Climb to see the panoramic view. If you can’t be bothered climbing and sweating it all out they have the Chokhi Dhani,  a distinct experience in itself, where they have recreated the Rural Culture Of Rajasthan, with hut-shaped infrastructures, mandala-adorned mud walls, dance, food and art- it’s like you are living the true Jaipur life.  

Take a trip - it is an amazing experience!


Danu Innasithamby

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