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Have you ever wanted a Fancy Car? How about a Massive House? Better still have you ever wanted a Cruise Ship that you can call your own? Well, at the Cake Company you can get all this and more for just a fraction of the actual price. I did mention you will be getting an edible version right? 

The Cake Company, the creation of Chef Mario Fernando is my go-to place to get a customised cake. Mario’s motto is “Your wish is my command” and true to his word, all you have to do is tell him what kind of cake you want and what the design is, and lo and behold, you will have the most amazing version of what you ordered in a matter of days. 

Speaking about his inspiration to start “The Cake Company” Mario says “Baking has always been my passion. So has creativity. Whenever I’d see cakes online, I always had the urge to recreate them but in a more artistic manner.” Having started on a very small scale taking orders from just family and friends Mario has grown a TikTok empire grabbing over 23 thousand enthusiastic followers over a matter of months. His ultimate goal is to launch his own physical outlet and be the best Cake and pastry chef in Sri Lanka! 

My experience ordering from The Cake Company dates back to 2019 when I ordered a cake for my Brother’s Birthday. It was a Chocolate and Caramel Fudge with a biscuit base, topped off with chocolate ganache. Words cannot do justice to the euphoria of biting into each layer of that chocolate-coated beauty, it has to be experienced, but I will try! The fudge interior was gooey and quite moist and Mario had managed to successfully bring out the distinct flavour of both Caramel and Chocolate. Each bite was simply an explosion of flavour. The velvet ganache was creamy, the biscuit base provided a much-needed crunch and together it made for one of the best cakes anyone could have asked for. Once I had that I knew I was never going to buy cake from anywhere else. 

The second cake I got was for no particular occasion. I was just craving a chocolate brownie and I decided to give Mario a Call. The next day I had before me the most delicious brownie cake I could have imagined. The cake was topped with 6 different types of chocolates and the cake itself was soft, gooey and just melted in my mouth as I bit into it. The inside of the brownie was filled with melted chocolate that just oozed out with every bite. Over the years, on every special occasion I’ve ever had I’ve always placed my orders with The Cake Company and never once have I regretted it. 

My favourite cake though was a “Four Tiered Dark Chocolate fudge” with Italian Meringue buttercream and fresh strawberries. The meringue made for a thick and creamy frosting while the cake itself was a rich chocolate delight. Paired with the fresh strawberries, I was on cloud 9 as I tasted this mouthwatering masterpiece.  

In terms of cake design, his page features an array of mind-boggling designs that requires an unparalleled amount of skill to produce. Furthermore, the reason his TikTok page has also blown up is because he does a creative short clip of each step of his baking process which is super engaging to watch! 

Elaborating on how he was able to attract so much attention online he said “I love filming and posting the process of making my cakes on TikTok because personally, that’s the kind of content I enjoy watching.” “I did that very consistently until one day I posted a video that blew up, hitting a million views in a day. Ever since then, I have been gradually gaining a following on TikTok” he explained. 

Aside from cake, The Cake Company also features a plethora of products ranging from brownies, cakesicles, cupcakes and a range of bread and pastries. All these factors combined I truly believe that Mario and The Cake Company have the potential to go a long way and will one day be a household name in Sri Lanka!

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