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Located down Kirula Road, Colombo 05, BBQ station is a bodacious bbq restaurant that is certainly a level above your average BBQ joint. Curated for a sophisticated dining experience its chic look and creative deco make it an attractive destination for those looking for a great dining experience. Featuring both an indoor and an Al Fresco dining experience BBQ Station is a perfect location to treat your family, friends or significant other to a flavour-filled experience they aren’t likely to forget.

“Founded in 2019, my dream when starting this restaurant was to provide the best BBQ experience to all food lovers in the country,” says the founder Johanne Peiris, mountaineer and fashion extraordinaire who is also the owner of popular salon “Cutting Station”.

From coffee and milkshakes to soft drinks and mocktails BBQ Station features a variety of beverages that will complement your dinner in the best way possible. From the existing drinks, I would recommend a refreshing Virgin Mojito but me being me I negated my own recommendation and opted for a thick chocolate milkshake! I wouldn’t have had it any other way!

Unless you are there with a crowd you will not be able to experience all that BBQ Station has to offer.
It’s either that or you need to visit multiple times (which I would certainly recommend!). The portion sizes of the meals are huge and some of the mains, although meant for one person, could easily feed two with a considerable appetite. When ordered in the form of a meal the mains are served with their special Garlic Roast Bread, Vegetable salad, potato salad as well as a BBQ sauce and spicy mayonnaise. The bread is crunchy, and buttery and the garlic flavour just oozes with every bite! I’m not a fan of salads at all but this veggie combination tossed in lime and mint made me a convert! The creamy potato salad was second to none! The two salads were ideal to provide a contrasting flavour to take a break from all the grilled proteins.

Our order consisted of Calamari (Rs. 1,800/-) and Corn on the cob (Rs. 600/-) as starters, the Jumbo prawns (Rs. 3,500/-) and the Platter (Rs. 6,250/-) as the mains followed by their delicious homemade ice cream! (Rs. 500/- 2 scoops).

The calamari was soft and slightly chewy. They tasted fresh and were well marinated so as to bring out a distinct spicy flavour with a sweet undertone. It was a great way to start off our dinner and work up our appetite for the mains to follow. Corn on the cob was another dish that piqued my interest. Sweet corn is usually not a dish that I would order myself but after sinking my teeth into the kernels of this smoky, soft, buttery delight I knew I would certainly order it another time!

The starters were followed by a delicious portion of Jumbo prawns. The crispy exterior paired with the deliciously tender, seasoning infused flesh on the inside was certainly a testimony to their specially curated homemade recipe.

The Platter for two is probably their fastest moving item because you can enjoy a mix of different proteins and take your taste buds through a journey of barbeque flavours that it has not experienced before! Pork Ribs, Chicken, Sausages and Fish were the delicious combination of meats that were laid out before us! The flavour was just out of this world. Marinated separately in their own special formula each item was curated in a special way so as to bring out its own unique flavour. My favourite out of it all was the fish! (I never thought that there would be a day when those words would come out of my mouth!) Deliciously soft, bursting with flavour, fresh and topped off with a creamy homemade sauce, this left my taste buds feeling like they were on cloud 9.

The pork ribs were another succulent component. A combination of spicy yet sweet, the ribs were well done and soft enough to fall off the bone. There’s enough to go around on the platter but if you are a fan of ribs I would certainly recommend ordering this dish separately as well because it’s just too good to only be satisfied with a few bites! Furthermore, the chicken and sausages helped add even more colour and variety to this ambrosian experience! Pair this all up with the two salads and a sufficient serving of garlic bread, you have a meal that might be a tad much for 2 people with a considerable appetite. This would certainly be my top recommendation should you ever end up going to “BBQ Station’’.

After stuffing yourself with finger-licking good barbeque, opting for dessert might seem like a tad much but don’t let your stomach do the talking. When the legendary court comedian “Andare” filled a room with people without a space to fit a finger, he invited the king to walk into that room and guaranteed that no matter how full the room is they would make space for the king. In a similar context no matter how full you are, your stomach will always make room for dessert! The homemade ice cream is the clear winner here. Priced at Rs. 500/- for two scoops the flavours range from Mint Chocolate and Coffee Nut to Caramel and many more! We opted for the Coffee, Passion fruit and the Mint Chocolate aka After Eight! My personal favourite was the mint chocolate! The mint, not the chocolate was overpowering and it was a perfect blend of flavours! I would definitely recommend you try out these homemade ice creams!

All in all BBQ Station is one of the best places in Colombo for you to enjoy a delicious Barbeque Dinner.

Address - 65/4 Kirula Road. Colombo 5 

Photos: Varuna Wanniarachchi


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