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From their humble beginnings as a street food truck to a popular burger joint with 3 locations, Street Burger has accumulated a cult following of fans who love their burgers, and for good reason. We were recently invited to try their burgers at their 3rd outlet in Mount Lavinia. Here’s what we thought.

The Food

I’ve been to Street Burger many times over the years and been a fan of their burgers. The taste and quality have usually been consistent, making it one of my go-to places when I crave food I know will be good. The increasingly growing Street Burger outlets are undoubtedly a testament to their food and having not had their burgers for a long while now, I was curious to see if the standards were still good.

The folk at Street Burger had picked out a variety of burgers and a side for us to sample, and incidentally, despite my many previous visits here, I’d not tried any of them. This worked out great. The Iced Milo was pretty good. Thankfully not watered down like in many places, it was certainly one of the better Iced Milo's in town.

The Ripple Strips comprised marinated chicken lightly grilled. Surprisingly succulent, the flavours on this one were mild and not spicy. Personally, I wasn’t too fond of it because I love my chicken strips flavoured a lot stronger. But that’s a subjective opinion, so if you’re not too fussed about strong flavours, this one might be right up your alley. Otherwise, they’ve got the crispy fried strips which I’m assuming will be more of a party in your palate.

Now for the burgers - prepare to get your hands dirty because it’s going to happen no matter how graceful of an eater you are. The Twin Drifter is made up of chargrilled 2x beef patty, 2x melted white cheddar, pickles, dijon mustard, topped with signature sauces on a toasted bun. This monster burger, while tasty, was quite a beast to conquer. And by that I mean it's humanly impossible to get all of it in one bite. But taste-wise, the juicy beef patties were well flavored, which made it a treat to devour. It also makes for an incredibly messy eat thanks to the oozing cheddar and sauces.

Unlike the Twin Drifter which was challenging to eat due to its sheer size, the 1.0 - signature marinated crispy fried chicken breast, cheddar cheese, sriracha sauce, shredded iceberg lettuce topped with signature mayo, was the complete opposite. I loved the addition of the sriracha to the Burger as it added that much welcome spice element to it. I quite liked this too.

They also served us a Burger off their gourmet special menu - The Hybrid. Comprising crispy fried chicken breast, char-grilled beef patty, melted white cheddar, bbq sauces, chicken bacon, and shredded iceberg lettuce topped with signature sauces, this Burger offers Burger lovers the best of both worlds. I must admit I was a tad bit apprehensive about how well the crispy fried chicken and chargrilled beef patty would work together. Certainly, this may not be the match made in heaven… But the hybrid surprised me. Pleasantly. Like that couple we assumed would never work, ever, but ultimately do, The Hybrid turned out to be quite good - the different textures didn’t pose a problem, but actually made it more enjoyable to eat. Keep in mind that this one's even bigger than the Twin Drifter in size!


While I wasn’t a fan of the Ripple Stripes, I did enjoy the burgers. So I’m glad that they’ve managed to maintain their standards over the years. I also loved the garage-inspired ambiance at the Mount branch. It was fun, hip, and makes for a great spot for people to just hang out and chill. 


Photos: Nisal Baduge


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