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St. Theresa’s Church 

Good things take time – a lot of time. 

The proposal to build St. Theresa’s Church was made in 1934. 27 years later, in 1961, St. Theresa’s church completed construction. Since its inception, this church has been one of the most populated churches mainly due to the location which is convenient for the Colombo-ers. 

In the early 1960s, the primary worshippers were the Catholic residents of Torrington flats. 55 years later, this church witnesses followers residing in the farther areas of Colombo for its mentally stimulating masses. 

The diversity of the worshippers has led to the church conducting Sunday mass not only in English as it did before, but also in Sinhala and Tamil. 

There is something about churches that brings a wave of calmness – either that or the lush greenery surrounding the church was really welcoming upon walking through the gates. I was greeted by a security guard who was by far one of the friendliest guards I have ever come across and that, I think, helped bring out the comforting essence that churches are made with. 

The ecclesiastic interior of this church is quite a sight to see. While it is not overwhelming with its aesthetic properties, the high wall murals do not fail to impress any viewer. The large mural above the main alter depicts the story of St. Therese. Besides this single large mural, the interior is encompassed by a multitude of murals that are bold and rage with vibrancy. The murals that were painted by the renowned Richard Don Gabriel still look as new as new can get. 

The exterior of St. Theresa’s Church is very similar to that of an average lofty church with the dominant architectural features and a bold cross distinguishing it from other religious institutions. 

St. Theresa’s Church has been maintained well and is quite modern with its devices to communicate to the public. They have a website of their own and a regularly updated Facebook page. 

But that’s not it – they’ve got an app too! That’s right, the first ever Catholic church app in Sri Lanka! The app is available for iOS and Android. 

Church Mass: masses are conducted every day in English in the morning and evening. However, on Sundays, masses are conducted throughout the course of the day in all three languages (Sinhala, Tamil and English). 

PS: I’ve heard this is the spot to go to on Sundays if you want to meet your (future) nice Catholic wife because the number of girls is plenty. 

PPS: Please don’t go for the Sunday Mass to meet the girls. 

My experience at St. Theresa’s Church was relaxing. I finally got to see what the church that I often passed on my way around Colombo looked and felt like. 

And it looked and felt calm, friendly and authentic. 

By Nabeela Yaseen 
Photographs by Waruna Wanniarachchi




  1. kish says:

    Nice brief writing. But could have done a better job with the pictures.

  2. David says:

    Church looks nice but hate that they preach is not nice , and this writer is also an illiterate hypocrite, that is also not nice Lol

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