Movenpick Bubbly Brunch - An Oasis of Bubbles and Flavour!

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An array of cuisines, quality food, and your pick of serenading bubbly is what you can expect at the Movenpick Bubbly Brunch Buffet! A city Hotel located in the heart of Colombo 3, Movenpick is home to a range of well-designed, beautiful restaurants. Their flagship AYU is an all-day restaurant that hosts a breakfast, lunch, and dinner buffet. Brunch was what we were there to focus on and paired with the glamorous view, the calm and relaxed ambiance, unlimited wine, and the delicious food, this is certainly a buffet that we would recommend you to try out.

The variety of cuisine is truly phenomenal here. There was a separate section for cured meats, complete with candied dried fruit, olives, and an assortment of cheese and crackers to accompany them. The buns and soup section consisted of an array of soft steaming bread buns and a creamy mushroom soup. The cold cuts and the cheeses were sliced on demand so as to preserve their freshness. There was an excellent selection of freshly baked bread that really got our appetite going. 

Indian was a cuisine that stood out for me during the buffet. They had buttered naan, biriyani, butter chicken masala, and other gravy-based Indian dishes that left my taste buds steaming from the spicy flavor. The butter chicken was thick and creamy and paired up with the naan it was a combination of flavors that you could never get tired of. 

There's also an extensive salad bar, along with a variety of other prepared items like sushi rolls and maki accompanied with pickled ginger, wasabi, and soy sauce. I thought that both the veg and non-veg versions of the sushi could have had a larger filling. Although it did feel a bit starchy it tasted fresh and was a delicious addition to the buffet. 

No Sri Lankan buffet would be complete without our traditional rice and curry. You can eat all the fancy dishes from around the world but if you don’t have Sri Lanka's staple food, our locals will surely have a word of complaint. Don’t worry though. Movenpick delivers fantastic Sri Lankan cuisine. From a mouthwatering brinjal moju to a piping hot chicken curry it really gives you the best in terms of flavor and variety. 

The west end included a delicious cheese pasta which took up most of my plate, a juicy roasted lamb, barbecue chicken, and a live-action station that grilled our proteins of choice on order. The soft texture of the pasta paired with the creaminess of the cheese was just what the doctor ordered to even out the spicy, succulent roasted lamb. The action station included a variety of meats, fish, and sausages which you could grill on demand. 

A meal is never complete without a great dessert and Movenpick really nailed this one. Their spread wasn't huge but what they did tasted really good. My favorite was the chocolate mousse. A scrumptious, mouthwatering delight, the mousse had a rich chocolate flavor, a soft, creamy texture, and paired up with a scoop of vanilla ice cream this certainly was the dessert to beat. Aside from this, other notable desserts included the cream caramel, custard tarts, mango mousse, and an assortment of delicious cookies that were piled up in elegant glass jars. 

If you opt to have just the food you can enjoy this massive spread for just Rs. 4,900/-. However, if you want to enjoy this spread in all its glory you have to opt for the Rs. 7,900/- package which includes unlimited bubbly. Whether it's a light red to pair up with the salads, a white to cut through the starchy pasta, or even a strong red to heighten the flavor of the lamb, Movenpick provides it all! You could just opt for one or even a selection of your favorites depending on how much of a bubbly enthusiast you are! Aside from wine, you can also opt for your choice of beer if you are looking for a more rugged experience. I would personally prefer the beer as that's what would be ideal for me during a midday brunch. However the options are available, the choice is yours! 

You can find the Bubbly Brunch at the Movenpick hotel every Sunday so make sure to head over there with your family and friends and indulge yourself in unlimited bubbles and the finest international cuisine! 


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