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Are you on the lookout for a restaurant that serves high-quality food, has great customer service and even better, a beautiful location to enjoy some quality time with your family and friends? If so, we got the perfect place for you! Cuisine Colombo is a multi-cuisine restaurant that takes you through a culinary journey comprising European, Italian, Asian, Chinese, American and even Thai cuisine. Sushan Peiris the founder of “Cuisine” elaborated further about its inception, “I founded the Cuisine Colombo Restaurant chain in 2020, three weeks prior to the Country going in for a full lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, amidst trying times Cuisine Colombo has evolved into a sought after multi-cuisine Brand in Colombo. The 2nd branch opened in 2021 at Colombo 7.”  How did they survive the pandemic? Is their food really that good? How cosy is the venue? Keep reading to find out all this and more!

We were invited to visit their second outlet down Gregory's Road. Located in a residential area, the restaurant gives off a very fine, refined ambience. It has a large hall that can host between 20 - 50 people and is paired with neatly arranged tables with a lot of space in between so that it doesn’t feel crowded. They also have karaoke facilities which make it perfect if you are looking to host a family or an office party. 

The night started off with a chilled Lime and Mint mocktail. I came to Cuisine Colombo after a long day of work and was feeling a bit drowsy and tired, but one sip of this tangy refresher and I was feeling as replenished as I would after a good night’s sleep! The mint flavour was quite prominent and very rich. The subtle flavour of the lime and lemonade left a tangy aftertaste which I thought was very nice! This blend of flavours was exactly what I needed to prepare myself for the feast ahead! We also opted for a passion fruit juice which was very fresh, pleasantly tangy and was followed by a hint of sweetness. 

The Food
Their menu is quite extensive featuring an array of dishes ranging from appetisers like fries and garlic bread to mains like burgers, rice and pasta to scrumptious desserts like chocolate biscuit pudding and oreo cheesecakes. We started off with the Crispy chicken and chips. It was paired up with a kochchi cocktail sauce which made it quite spicy. Being someone that loves everything that’s hot, I can honestly say that this dish was certainly a treat I would have a second time! The chicken was tender, well seasoned and had a crisp batter coating. The flavour of the chicken paired up with their own homemade kochchi sauce made for one spicy dish which I loved! However, the spice was evened out as the dish also featured a lot of fresh vegetables like cucumber salad, tomato, beetroot and bell pepper which soothed the taste buds with its refreshing coolness. The thick-cut fries were also well seasoned and complemented the chicken! It was a very filling dish and would easily satisfy a foodie with a big appetite. 

The Filet Mignon aka the Beefsteak was another cracker dish! The steak was medium rare and was so soft that it just melted in my mouth. It had a light honey sauce glaze and the meat itself was moist enough that we didn’t even need to add the red wine sauce that it was paired up with to get that rounded meaty flavour! This also came with a ton of fresh vegetables and potato wedges which helped amplify the flavours of the dish as a whole.   

Grilled Barramundi, also called Fish Meuniere, consisted of a delicate filet paired up with caper butter sauce and grilled vegetables. The filet was just heavenly! It was soft, buttery and combined with the creamy sauce it had a nice texture and was simply a mouthwatering delight! The sauce also gave it a pleasant tangy aftertaste, which added to the overall flavour! 

The dish we wrapped off with Fettuccine Pasta. They had certainly been generous with the cheese. A combination of cream cheese and parmesan cheese, the pasta was just a creamy cheese delight! They had also added a considerable amount of prawns and Chicken. Each mouthful had a bite of either chicken or prawn which was honestly really satisfying. A touch of basil leaves was sprinkled on top to add to the flavour making this a dish certainly worth trying out!

For dessert
As a huge fan of anything chocolate, the Chocolate Brownie at Cuisine Colombo really hit the spot. A steaming hot fudge brownie served with a scoop of ice cream was just what I needed to wrap things off. I wasn’t going to let go of the opportunity to indulge myself in this gooey chocolate fiesta and I dug straight in and enjoyed it as much as I could. 

The other dessert we got to try out was the Mixed Berry Cheesecake. The cheesecake was a blend of fruity sweet flavours, had a rich texture and was super creamy! All desserts are made by Sushan's mom and sister. Believe me, that home-baked goodness cannot be explained, it has to be experienced. 
All in all our visit to Cuisine Colombo was definitely top-notch and we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it off the bat for anyone who wants to enjoy a first-rate culinary experience. 

Aside from the restaurant, another venture undertaken by Sushan and his brother Sharen Peiris is a chic supermarket known as Modern Grocer.  “The concept of “Modern Grocer” is to enable customers to enjoy a personalised, cosy shopping experience given that the Modern Grocer outlets depict a typical European style chilled out grocery shopping experience with all items needed for your household including fresh produce, meats and an array of imported items available for sale exclusively at Modern Grocer” elaborated Sushan. 

Hoping to expand within the coming year their current outlet is located right below the restaurant to make life that much more convenient for you!

Best Dish: Crispy Chicken and Chips
Address: 51 R.G. Senanayake Mawatha, Colombo 07
Overall rating: 4/5

photos Nimalsiri Edirisinghe


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