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Located on 32 - Galle Rd, Colombo, right next to the colour lights just before Majestic City, Burley’s is the latest burger joint in Colombo. However, calling it a burger joint is an understatement. True to its tagline “Burgers and Beyond” it offers so much more than just your typical burger. These include Biriyani, Shawarma, Submarines and Burgers to Gelato and Mocktails.  My favourite however is the “Frappelatos”. A perfect blend of frappe and gelato which makes your experience at Burley’s the best burger experience in Colombo! Keep reading for a detailed review of all the delicious items that we had space to try! 

This is easily one of the best restaurants in Colombo in terms of ambience. With a cosy seating arrangement, attractive wooden shelves decorated with potted greenery and eye-catching paintings and writing on the wall, this is more than a fast-food outlet.

Needless to say, I was instantly attracted by the Frappelatos. Without a second thought, I ordered the Biscoff Blast, a delicious concoction of gelato, coffee, whipped cream and caramel! The Cookies and Cream were quick to follow suit. This was a combination of milk and Oreos, whipped cream and crushed Oreo on top. Both shakes complemented the burgers so well! It was honestly a match made in heaven. 
What makes this combo of shakes and burgers even greater is the fact that this is one of the only burger joints in Colombo where you can get such quality shakes to pair up with your burger. Usual burger places offer only the typical chocolate, vanilla and strawberry whereas Burley’s offers an array of fancy flavours! 
Aside from the shakes they also have their version of mocktails called Chillers. I tried out the Berry Voila, a mix of blueberries and sprite which would have been ideal to cool down on a sunny day! As good as it was I would still recommend the shakes!

The Food
The variety of food is quite large! From mouthwatering starters like corndogs and loaded fries to mains like biriyani and shawarma to scrumptious desserts like gelato, they have it all! We opted to try out the Prawn Po Boy submarine, Chicken Big Burley, Beef Smokehouse Barbeque, Loaded Fries, Chicken Shawarma, and one of their signature corndogs. 

My favourite was the Beef BBQ Burger! Comprising of a massive beef patty, bacon strips, BBQ onion rings, cheese, jalapenos, lettuce, mayo and BBQ sauce, this was a chunk of paradise sandwiched between two soft buns! My mouth wasn’t wide enough to fit a whole thing. It was a really messy affair so if you are a fan of big, messy burgers then this is certainly the one for you! 

The Big Burley was no different. Getting its name from the two massive patties included in the middle it also consists of more or less the same ingredients as the BBQ beef. The loaded fries were also another great dish. The fries were regular French fries but the curry, a mix of minced curry chicken, salsa and sauce was an absolute delight! 

The Prawn Submarine was another notable highlight! Filled to the brim with luscious fried prawns, this consisted of lettuce, onions, tomato sauce and mayonnaise. I would highly recommend you try out this mouthwatering delight! 

The Chicken Shawarma was also a cracker main! It was loaded with spicy chicken and the pita bread covering was slightly chewy and satisfying. The filling was spicy and abundant so that you got a mouthful of flavour in every bite! 

Although the corndog was a starter, this was the dish I opted to finish off with. The hot and spicy corn dog was one of four varieties in which a sausage and cheese were coated with deep-fried batter epitomizing the Korean food experience.

Their most attractive dessert option is their homemade Gelato! Featuring a number of delightful flavours, wolfing these down after a spicy meal is the best way to end your foodie experience!  All in all, Burleys is an amazing place to enjoy a great meal with your family and friends so make sure to check it out today!

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