‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ : A concert of hope

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Life is at a standstill for victims affected by the Easter Sunday terror attacks. Much has been spoken about the disaster and while the country is once again on its road to recovery, many initiatives are being taken to heal their wounds. ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’, a concert presented by Sound Scope was one such attempt. It was an evening of entertainment that witnessed some of Colombo’s finest young talents performing to a packed audience at the Bishop’s College auditorium. The audience tapped their toes to classical and jazzy tunes, James Bond anthems and even to special arrangements of Pride Rock and several other contemporary tunes that whisked the night away. In addition to that, guest performances by The De Lanerolle Brothers, all female choir Camerati and The Old Joes’ Choir mesmerised the audience with their choral embellishments. The music for the evening was directed by Nishantha Warnakulasuriya. 
Organised in association with Zonta Sri Lanka, the funds raised by the Concert will be directed to the Bishop’s Fund which will distribute it to victims affected by the blasts at St. Anthony’s Church, Kochchikade and St. Sebastian’s Church, Katuwapitiya. Zonta Sri Lanka will also donate funds to victims affected by the blast at Zion Church, Batticaloa. 
Towards the end of the show a few music lovers had this to say :
“It was a nice experience. The motive of the show was really great because all of us were affected by the tragedy.”
– Jayali
“It was well organised and we are all trying to help those affected by the Easter Sunday attacks.”
– Siyathma
“I love shows like these and I’m supportive of any charity concerts.”
– Sonia
“I think it’s an amazing concert. The wealth of young talent we have is just wonderful. I wish that young people in Sri Lanka have greater exposure and opportunities to be professionals in music and singing. There really is not much of a chance for them to make a living out of it or do it as a profession. It’s always something you do apart from your 8-5 job. So I hope that will change very soon in Sri Lanka. They really need to be encouraged. It’s a fantastic effort to see all these youngsters getting together to support the Easter Sunday victims.”
– Anusha 
“You need to help those victims. When you lose your own parents and children it’s devastating. This kind of a cause is timely and it has to continue. This is indeed a great effort.”
– Merrick 
“We as the civil society should help those victims and it’s great to be a part of a worthy cause.”
– Harin 
“We enjoyed it very much and it kept us tapping our toes. They are supporting a great cause and it’s lovely to be here.”
– Shirani
“It was a fantastic show and we should be proud to have a generation that is appreciating music and supporting charity at the same time.”
– Melani
“It was a good show and I enjoyed it.”
– Malindri 
“I loved the concept. We don’t generally see all of them performing together and it was lovely to see them all on stage today.”
– Kumudini 
Pics by: Kushan Pathiraja


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