Taking A Day Off Vs. Receiving Gifts

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This Mother’s Day we speak to mums to find out what they really want! 

Every mother in the world will agree with Mrs. Madonna Jayasundara when she says

"The title of a mother is an honorable one. I consider it a gift and a blessing from above to be a receiver of such a title when there are so many today who long to have it but are unable to obtain it even with lots of money. Love should not be misunderstood with material comfort. Being there to console, advise, encourage, and motivate them and to be a pillar they could lean on is a privilege. When they shine, we get the credit because we as mothers have performed well. It's not a duty. It's a mother's responsibility to give their best to their children because children did not choose to come to this world. It was our choice. Nobody on this earth makes me feel important as much as my children do, when they express their need and nothing satisfies me more than when I am able to be there for them." 

At the same time I believe that Mother’s Day is something that is definitely worth celebrating. Of course, we must not limit our love and appreciation to one day of the year, but why not make it an excuse to celebrate our mums a little bit more! 

"I always treasure the handmade card I get on Mother's Day. The words that come from my daughter's heart and onto her card I know are sincere and written with much love. I have kept every Mother's Day card she has given me over the years.  In times that I feel frustrated or feel like a failure as a mother, I take one of those treasured cards, read it, take a deep breath and thank God for blessing me with my precious daughter." - A mum of a 10 year old daughter 

"I would love to have a day off for myself. Not to wake up early, sleep a little extra. To wake up to a delicious meal and sit back and relax with a good read. But then again, I guess I shouldn't be taking a day off. I should do what every mom should; prepare that favourite meal for my child, help her out with her usual crazy things and just be that mum she can be around to annoy. When it comes to the point of receiving gifts, I would love to have a handcrafted card from her own ideas. It shows how much effort she has put into the creation given to me." - Shehana Bernard 

And there is truly nothing wrong with wanting a day off! We must not forget that our mothers are also individuals who have their own likes and hobbies. They too need alone time for themselves to do something other than take care of the whole family! I only wish that some mums admit to the fact that they do need a day off once in a while without the duties and responsibilities and recharge and enjoy themselves. It does not mean that you love your child any less! Don’t ever feel guilty for wanting one and by all means disregard all the judgy looks and comments. 

"I would prefer a day off as a gift on Mother’s day. And all responsibilities undertaken just for one day. I don’t mind a night off too, actually that would be great! PS - I'll definitely miss my kid but I need to give myself a break too. I deserve it!" - Hafsa Moushtaq 

"I would love to get a day off once in a while and it's a wonderful feeling when you walk into the house mentally going through all that you have to do and out walks my daughter from the kitchen with a welcome home smile and the aroma of delicious food following her. The loving thoughtful act of my daughter's means the world to me and NO Mother's Day gift or card will be able to outshine this precious deed." - Menique Fernando 

"I'd say a day off would be my cup-a-tea right now! Gifts are awesome too, so I'd never say no to a well thought out gift! But jokes apart, I think what I'd like most this Mother's Day is some time alone with my husband! I know it's ironic given that it's Mother's Day! But truth be told, in the mayhem of raising a super active toddler, it's the spousal relationship that gets shoved to the back burner. Mothers with grown up children would obviously crave their company, but us mums managing the toddler years, would feel a little differently I believe." - Primani Wijesekera 

"While I absolutely adore my kids and feel so blessed to be able to stay at home to care for them, a day off on Mother's Day sounds very refreshing! I have found that the time-outs or the "me time" that I get on and off, not only rejuvenates me but I go back a better mom to my kids. With that being said, while my kids are still too young to make gifts for me, I'm certain that the day my child hands me a little card with a few scribbles on it, my heart will swell with endless love and pride. However, I think the greatest gift for me on Mother's Day would be quality time with my family. Abandoning chores and the daily routine of life, doing something together as a family and watching my children laugh and enjoy themselves would be the greatest gift I could ask for as a mom." - Keshia Perera Joensuu 

"Well frankly, we don't really celebrate it. My kids do give me a card which I appreciate but I don't expect more. But seeing stuff around me I think a day off is best! Next day’s chores gone as well. But how practical is it? I prep on Sunday for the next week!" - Nilomi Hathurusinghe 

"As much as I love my bubs I haven't had much time for myself. I mean not at all for 2 years so yeah first of all I would love to have a to-do-whatever-I-want day, no questions asked! A full night’s sleep! A mom routine-free day which includes no laundry, no dishes to be done, no cooking, no handling kid tantrums, no getting bubs dressed up multiple, I mean a zillion times a day and so on. A full spa day! Fill up my fridge with so many types of junk food and not what bubs needs and of course I'd love to ask a what’s-for-dinner day! And finally, a fully clean and tidy house with no pieces of toys laying everywhere. And I'd always prefer a handmade card clearly saying "We'd Be Lost And Nowhere Without You" or a gift like a handprint to something bought." - Thilini Amarasiri Hatharasinghe 

"I would definitely opt for a day off which would include a few hours at the spa and a pedicure! Working full time and being a mum to two boys and a doting husband, even though it has its rewards definitely takes a toll on you. Mums are human too and even though we are great at balancing everything that comes our way and even though we are amazing at multi-tasking a day without having to think about innovative meals, washing up, doing the laundry etc. would be perfect.  And as for a Mother's Day gift I would love a homemade gift even if it is a jam and butter toastie with a bacon smiley face!" - Natasha Fernandopulle 

Let’s strive to give our mums what they really want this year!


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