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Oh! Colombo 

It was a hilarious evening at Trixie’s. All of her guests were in good humor and, as always, it is pleasant to be hosted by Trixie as she is a hostess with a warm heart. After dinner when all gathered around for coffee the hot topic of going to cast the vote came up. It was then that all threw in their little knowledge of all and sundry who had been nominated to the respective parties. The past couple of weeks have been full of political rallies, loads of advertising at what wonders they are going to transform this country into, pictures have been published promising paradise at its best etc. If one believes all of this jargon and all of what is being said is implemented we would certainly be rediscovering the lost horizon and the lucky recipients living it.

If you actually read all of what is being said of the nominees in the unsavoury emails flying around and snippets on social media or listen to what is being said at rallies and on the radio and TV programs, then in reality none of the candidates seem to be good honest persons.  Trixie then wondered who should one actually vote for. I guess we all have our personal favourites and will cast our vote for them and hope for the best that those who come in will actually be selfless and deliver on their election platform promises for the betterment of the country and her people. It is shocking to know that there still are some parts of this island with no electricity or proper drinking water and so much poverty whilst we certainly see some of these parliamentary types living ‘the life of Riley’ as if there is no to tomorrow.

In the meanwhile many who wish to gain favour with the future winners are scurrying about playing all sides, which is also funny to watch. They talk for all sides depending who they are blowing their foghorn to. The chameleons are in plenty at this moment.

I guess we all must be civic minded and cast our vote and pray and hope that after the 17th all of us would have peace and move towards a very prosperous nation where all civilians can live in great harmony!


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