Overparenting & Bad Parenting

Oct 02 2015. views 607

Oh! Colombo 
Whilst browsing the net other day I came across an interesting article about over parenting. It certainly was a stimulating read and I was thinking how apt it was since over parenting is quite visible in some Colombo circles. Seeing some mothers who have many domestic aides to look after their offspring as if they were untouchable is common. As much as the parent is overly careful and protective about the child, if you look back to the parents’ upbringing it is quite usual to find that they have had what one would call a normal life, getting on with their daily chores, taking a bus to school and probably had all their education in a national or private school and not at a fancy international school. Now with their new found partner and newly found wealth all seems to have changed. Instead of following family traditions the children are educated in international schools. One wonders why they were not keen to allow their children to follow in their footsteps. Probably it is a form of snobbery to show that they have made it. It is certainly not that the education is better in such schools. 
As much as some of these children are fussed about and over parented, most of them are not certainly taught good manners. False values are inbred in them. Their rudeness and misconduct is very visible at public places and they certainly think that all those who earn an honest living, such as waiters, sales staff etc., are meant to be treated very badly. Such behaviour certainly does not reflect the so called homes they come from or represent their schooling. One must remember that their domestic aides are treated badly by their parents and the children too probably think it is normal to treat them the same way as well as all the other unfortunate people they come across. 
One’s behaviour is always built on the foundation one has been brought up by. The more quiet and well brought up individual who witnesses this pathetic and bad behaviour is quite shocked and generally wishes to have nothing to do with them and so do their parents. 
Over parenting and spoiling a child maybe many parents prerogative but teaching them good manners and being human is also very essential especially since they are the future beings in the world. Life is unsure and an empire can crumble like a cookie.  When one is left with nothing and if one behaved in a humble and decent manner some kind soul may lend a helping hand.  If you were not one then you are assured of having any kindness extended to you when in difficult situations. Parents also need a reality check on how they bring up their children.


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