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Oh! Colombo 
Loyalty – a strong feeling of support or allegiance to a person, especially in a friendship, is a word  not known to many. Seated with a crowd of people recently, it was quite amusing to follow the conversation of an individual carrying on about how a certain person had never displayed any loyalty despite their long standing friendship. I was most amused to hear this, since the person who was supposedly the hurt party in this conversation has no loyalty to anyone other than if there is an advantage to her. 
Loyalty from people is very rare since we are surrounded by those who would rather ‘sit on the fence’ in the belief that when they do make the choice it would be to their advantage, such as being included in the particular social circle. It just shows how shallow people can be. What is strange is that they feel that the people they are sitting on the fence for are reaching out for their loyalty, but they are not. 
Trixie, who lives by as strict moral code, has been, over the years, an observer of those who sit on the fence. She says that she makes it a point not to hang around such people. Trixie is quite amused at all the goings on in Colombo and like most people cannot get over the fact that with all the immense shredding going on about people that they are still willing to go to each other’s homes, enjoy the hospitality and tirelessly shred them once again when they get back home. She asks, ‘would it not have been better if they did not go at all? Certainly it cannot be for reasons of hunger as some of the guests are so rounded that they could have done without adding more calories into their robust figures.’ Yet, these are the very people who expect great loyalty from others and act the martyr when somebody does the same to them. It is easier to surround yourself with dozens of selfish, greedy human beings than one loyal friend. Having false friends is evidently fashionable in a sector of Colombo was Trixie’s observation. 
The same goes with the marriage vows where most married couples do not follow any of them when the sell by date is reached after the honeymoon and period of lust. Colombo certainly is like living in a pit of hypocrites. The only good thing about it is that if one is an observer it is great entertainment, watching all these fools in paradise so full of themselves performing like jesters on a stage to an amused audience.


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