It’s Christmas

Dec 24 2015. views 736

Oh! Colombo 
The year has flown by and today and is Christmas. Joyous celebrations all over the world especially with close family, the near and the dear. This is essentially a family day and many put their differences aside and try their best to get into that joyous and spiritual feeling that Christmas brings. Each family has their own traditions, including the food on the table on this special day which will depend on what one thinks should be the fit meal for this very special day, be it breakfast, lunch  and dinner. Affordability also plays a big part in this since all are not fortunate to be blessed with all good things that life has to offer but yet the main point of this day is the celebration of the birth of Christ and great family gatherings. 
For those who do not follow these family traditions or who are not so family oriented the eating houses have plenty to offer with large buffets spilling over with all sorts of food and many enjoy it in these surroundings. Others sacrifice what they have and do good by helping the less fortunate at this time of the year. 
Colombo has been decorated scantily this last week with strings of LED fairy lights hanging from trees, lamp posts etc., trying to lend some Christmas cheer in the more affluent patches of the city. Some of the shops too have sported the fairy lights to allure their customers into getting into the Christmas spirit and splurge their hard earned money to purchase the spoils available at the shops. Overall, the commercial aspect of Christmas was slightly evident unlike in the large scales of other parts of the world. 
Everybody tries to make peace with one another on this day. Estranged couples and partners all try to make an effort to look happy on this one holiday of the year, wishing the day will pass as quickly as possible to get back to their normal routine in the coming year. For the unhappy, depressed and miserable people this is a dreaded day but do try to be cheerful. 
There is certainly a nip in the air and I wish all of you readers a very merry Christmas and a fabulous holiday season.


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