Urban Jungle

Nov 17 2017.

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With concrete apartments in this city, sprouting up like mushrooms during the rainy season, there is a group of Colombo’s population that do not seem to know the value of nature, the purpose of trees and foliage, or for that matter anything regarding the fauna and flora in this world.  The knowledge that fauna and flora are essential for living on a healthy planet seems to have passed them by. Greed has set into most people and most seem not to care about the consequences of what is happening around us.  What is very visible amongst us is a great no care attitude.

The city dwellers cannot bear to see a tree.  Never mind that it is only the edges of a few branches from a neighbouring tree that is invading their property and giving them some shade.  They want the branches immediately cut down or better still the tree killed altogether. Fallen leaves and any form of grass growing seem to affect them and they immediately would like to cut or uproot them.  Better still cement or pave the area over.  It has come to a stage that when spotting insects, worms etc., it is like seeing something from the dinosaur era and the immediate need for it to be killed.  Identification of the insect or caterpillar by name is a definite no, no.  They are all referred to as animals.  This is what has become of the city dwellers amongst us.

Jungles are destroyed, rocks are blasted in the name of progress. The wild-life have nowhere to roam and escape as they are being tortured or killed. The Sanctuary parks that are designated to them are invaded and overcrowded.  Animals in the parks are not left in peace as there are hundreds of safari jeeps let in with hooligans in most of them who want to irritate and destroy both the fauna and flora in the jungles. Nature and jungle lovers are signing petitions. 
What most people have forgotten is that we depend entirely on a healthy natural environment for our wealth and well-being. Human beings are part of the natural world; we are one species amongst millions and have evolved to be a part of nature and not it. With no proper action being taken to learn to live with nature we can
only  see a very gloomy future.
If we are going to succeed protecting nature, living landscapes and living seas, then a far greater part of society will need to be inspired to take action to protect nature and enabled to both feel and understand the full extent of how valuable nature is to us and our communities.


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