Those Nosy Parkers

Sep 16 2016. views 234

Oh! Colombo 

In a lifetime we come across many characters. Leading this group are the Green Eyed Monsters closely followed by the Nosy Parkers. A Nosy Parker is a person of an overly inquisitive or prying nature. In Colombo, Nosy Parkers could easily be spotted by their goody two-shoes behaviour, dressed perfectly, even though in awful attire that is well ironed, and with a permanent beam on their face. Some of them also tend to also have a fake laugh which actually irritates most around them. 

The nosy parker wants to know everything about another - what they are doing ? Are they happy ? What their financial status is ? How are they managing? And what affects them the most is when they are not taken notice of or in short given the cut dead. This irritates them the most and is the main reason for bringing out that irritating cackle when they mention your name. Check out the Nosy Parkers’ list of friends. They are generally well connected and well off, even if they are rogues it does not matter as long as their bank balance is equal to or bigger than their bad reputation. Once they get to know of some person who is well off or are high up they long to befriend them and are seen constantly moseying around such persons figuring out on how to befriend them. It is amusing to watch how relentless the pursuing is until the objective is achieved. 

All this pursuing is just to hob knob and to show off to others that they know everybody and, of course, the invites for social gatherings that come with such association. Rejection is something they cannot accept and if you have any Nosy Parkers in your life watch the fun and games when you reject them.  The best way to get at them is by rejecting them and watching their anguish over the situation is the best form of revenge.


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