The Reversal of Fortune

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Oh! Colombo 

Somalatha was a domestic aide working in a residence of a family of four, the Braggerwathas. She had a son out of wedlock and he resided with her at her place of work. Somalatha worked tirelessly since she was the only domestic aide in the house and her day was full. Her morning began with washing and cleaning the vehicle, followed by preparing breakfast, seeing to the children being sent off to school, cleaning the house, preparing lunch, checking on the children when they returned from school, preparing dinner and all other domestic chores that comes with a household of four. 

The Braggerwathas were not kind people and made Somalatha work endlessly. She stuck to her job even though she was paid a pittance as her son could stay with her. A kind neighbour decided that she will take care of the son and offered to pay for his education and clothing and made it a point to keep an eye on the boy’s progress, something the Brageerwatha’s did not give a toss about. Once the boy reached his teens Mrs. Braggerwatha made sure that he attended to their garden and maintained it, on the basis that it was the least he could contribute for living under their roof. 

The Braggerwathas came into big money when the husband was appointed to some fancy post owing to their connections and shifted to what they thought was a posher area. Somalatha was informed that her son could not move in with them as their two daughters were of the same age and he might entertain ideas about them. The kind neighbour decided that he could stay with her and within a few years Somalatha’s son was on his feet doing well, all owing to the blessings of some kind people. 

The Braggerwathas were now keeping up with the Joneses and were on a high that was unbelievable. Moving around in wealthy circles and doing the la di da were their new life. Then one day the rug was pulled from under Mr. Braggerwatha’s feet. He lost his job. They had to give up many things due to the sudden change of tide and began to realize that educating their daughters in universities abroad and maintaining them and their new lifestyles were now impossible. However, they kept up the pretence for some time but it all had to come to a halt as it was becoming difficult financially. 

Somalatha, in the meantime, had given up her employment since her son was doing well in the banking sector and had moved in with him and his family in their new home. 

One morning she received a call from Mr. Braggerwatha, who was facing issues with the bank where her son was now holding a high post. Somalatha, who had a kind heart,  pleaded with her son to help them out. Which he did, even though he was amused that the Braggerwathas, who had insisted that he should call them “Hamu and Hamu Mahathaya” were now all humble and full of smiles and admiration for him, to have all their mess cleared up. 

Let this be a lesson to those who ill-treat their domestic aides as things can change overnight and one may have to beholden to those they mistreated.


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