That Loathsome Socialite

Feb 16 2018. views 998

so-called society is built of mostly un-refined people from many ethnic backgrounds.  They are unlike those who come from generations of good stock but lie low and live stylish but quiet lives. Accumulated wealth mostly by fraudulent means or by racketeering are those who one spot tripping the lights fantastic. All competing with each other, flashing their fancy designer shoes, handbags, clothes and accessories this group of Colombo’s society move around like sludge bragging and trying to outdo one another.

A newcomer arrived into this scene recently.  She spoke of her fancy background and claimed that she knew many of the need to know in Colombo’s society.  The jet-setters of Colombo got quite hysterical about getting to know her and claiming to be her friend. They were excited to receive an invitation from this newcomer for her parties that served mostly unpalatable food and any which alcohol.  She also spoke quite obnoxiously, annoying her invitees.  Nevertheless, they wanted to be seen hanging around with her, so they turned a blind eye to the obvious gaffes the newcomer kept making.

Trixie who was aghast at how people were running after this newcomer happened to be at a lunch where a few people were actually questioning why people who find this loathsome woman so awful yet wanted to hob knob with her? Trixie in her very crisp tone replied, “it is all about the money. Colombo’s new society have no standards but love money, and these people who are loaded yet feel that something is missing in their lives if they were left out. We certainly have hit an all-time low in our society, which is such a shame since even if they do an act of charity it will always be for some form of cheap publicity.”



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