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Jun 08 2018.

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The talk of the town this week has been the birthday celebration held at the Shangri-La last week. Colombo was all agog about this party and wherever you went the most talked of topic was the party and who the host was and how he had the money to throw such a themed costume party. 

What the guests wore for the party was the other topic discussed. I must say that not even the recent Royal wedding was discussed in such detail after the event. Most criticism of the event was on social media, condemning the outfits worn by the guests, the events that took place at the party and so on. Many were worried about the vulgar way in which the money was spent and suggested that instead it could have been used in a way to uplift the not so fortunate. 



The most disgusting are the guests at the function who laughed at the host, took photographs and shared them around the town. I was told that some had actually reported this event to the Inland Revenue hotline. Such is the envy of people in this country.

The birthday boy became an overnight sensation. The local TV channels interviewed him regarding the event with some very intrusive questions, including as to why he hosted such a party and what he thought of the ongoing discussions post-event. The young man fielded the interviewers’ questions very well, making it very clear that he was not bothered about another’s opinion, and what he does with his money was his business and he would continue to have lavish parties whenever he could and however he pleases.

What comes to mind is why this person was subjected to all of this?

Is it because he is not from the so-called Colombo circle?   

I seriously wonder if most of these critics have mirrors in their homes and if they look at themselves when all togged up to go out. Do these sanctimonious people know how much the host actually does for the less fortunate and not plaster it on Facebook?

Many so-called philanthropists in Colombo use other people’s money to help the needy and then brag about what they have done, negating the definition of the word philanthropy. Have any of these philanthropists thought of pulling out their fixed deposits, selling their properties etc, and using the money for the greater good, being selfless like Mother Teresa for instance?

A few years ago, the Colombo circle found it vulgar when weddings had fillers where dance troupes entertained the guests while the couple took off to be photographed or the bride went off to change for her going away ceremony.  Now it is de riguer among the Colombo loudmouths to rehearse a dance number or two and be the ‘fillers’ at their friend’s children’s weddings, looking quite ridiculous in the name of fun. Massive sums are spent on these ‘classy’ weddings but nobody questions them as to why they cannot donate to the needy and less fortunate instead of having these lavish functions that cost millions.

I am sure in time to come anybody throwing a lavish party in Colombo will be a common or garden event, not drawing much attention, like the wedding fillers have become now.



  1. GA says:

    What one wishes to do with their hard earned money is not anyone else’s business. Only in SL will peeps want to dictate what others should be doing. One begs the question though if the cash splurged on this was in fact “hard earned”. Judge not, time will tell. :’D

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