Nov 10 2017.

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It was owing to the petrol hullabaloo that I used some tri-shaws and cab services this past week to get to and from a few meetings and meet-ups. Travelling in cabs is enjoyable since the cabbies are always cheerful and looking forward to chatting with the clients. I do love to listen to them as they are down-to-earth people, making an honest living, having to drive all over this town where no one seems to follow the traffic rules. These cabbies love to chat about current topics and the state of the country, especially since they feel that they have been gullible voters.

Their take on any current situation or crisis is always hilarious.  Hearing their views, you are automatically uplifted and all the torture of the traffic seems worth it and, at times, I actually do not mind a delay just to listen to them. What amazes me is that these people are actually and truly happy people. Their income must be basic but they seem happier than most wealthy people I have come across. If it is raining and the weather is bad, they desperately try to get you into a covered area to drop you off or even get wet themselves to fish out an umbrella in order to not get you wet. 

One realises that even though they earn so little, most people in the lower income group are actually happy people. Yes, they say, they do have lots of grievances as having children, clothing, feeding and educating them is costly. An entrance fee, commonly referred to as a contribution to the school’s building fund is beyond their purse, for instance.  Yet, with all these burdens, they always have a smile on their faces and are polite to you. 

We also see the frustrated tri-shaw driver with road rage, being abusive but considering the frustration and trials they have to go through on a daily basis, they have to be excused.  
I believe that we have to admire these drivers as they seem to be the few people with a smile and a sense of humour these days.


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