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Jan 05 2018.

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It is the new year.  Many of us have friends and colleagues who are not happy in their jobs or marriages or relationships.  Like the friend who is miserable being stuck in a dead-end job but will not leave it. Or the boss who never stands up for herself against her male counterpart or the other way round.  The relative or friend who will not leave their other half who is cheating, even though you know very well they cry at night over their cheating other half. Wanting to help them and not being able to get through to them can be terribly frustrating, especially when they refuse to take you up on your offer.

Many who have gone through similar situations have the answers and can help and  I have seen many such people restraining themselves from giving unsolicited advice. The best approach is to sit back and observe and only help when asked. The fact is what all of us can control is only ourselves. 


One of the reasons for someone not wanting to take advice is because their ego is shattered. They loathe admitting that they are going through some form unhappiness and the thought that someone could help in sorting it out for them.

I have also noticed that many who are less educated wish to remain at a submissive level.  They do not seem to have the guts to further themselves even if they do have the knowledge and skills to better themselves. They rarely seek help and actually are too afraid to take the help offered in fear of losing the jobs they already have. Empowering people and making them rise is something most employers resent doing as they wish to make them work almost like slaves and pay lowly wages.

It is time to empower people in every way in order to make the world and its people a better place.


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