Cheers to a fabulous 2018

Dec 29 2017.

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There is no happier season for people, especially for those in the city, as the merry month of December. Most of the favourite Christmas carols we have grown up with have now got a new twist and the sounds that the fire-works carry with them before bursting into flame are changes that we take in our stride.

The beginning of next week dawns the New Year.  This day is special to all because every new year gives great hope to people, especially to those who have had a rotten or not so good preceding year.  Be the situation work related, romance or financial it is always hoped that the coming year would be greater and everybody heralds it with enthusiasm and big hopes.

New year resolutions are always made.  Chain smokers and alcoholics resolve to quit and many other resolutions are made but very rarely does anyone stick to their resolutions.  The internet is full of guides on what form a new year resolution should take and the steps on adhering to it throughout the year.  
New year’s eve is a great day to revel and party the entire night to herald the dawning of the new year.  Many have great family traditions and lots observe religious ones too when dawning the new year.

Thinking back on and reviewing my year I must say I did have quite a few adventure, met good and not so good people, and worked on great exciting work projects.  All in all, not a bad year for me as I am usually quite content with most things, and now that I am a calmer human being life is much easier.  Though I did come across some strange people along with the odd psychopath. Life always is a challenge and as long we do not get carried away with anyone it turns out to be quite safe. 

The city is not what it used to be as there are lots of double-faced, unkind and vicious people,  all of whom come across so sugar-coated that, to be safe, the trick is to avoid the possibility of getting carried away and become entangled in their webs. Very few decent and honourable people circle around us. Nevertheless, the world is a happy place and we must know how to juggle all sorts of people, situations and encounters that we face and a peaceful life is very possible.

A very happy New Year to everybody and may your wishes and dreams be a reality in 2018!



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