Being Politically Correct

Nov 04 2016. views 212

Oh! Colombo 

Many things have changed from yesteryear, especially when it conversations and discussions, where statements and opinions could be considered offensive. If the intention is to insult another making politically unacceptable statements may be fine. However, what is unacceptable, especially when speaking in public forums or where there is a large audience present is the utterance of politically incorrect statements. 

On a recent trail to collect money for a very worthy cause one saw many supportive people running around with donation tills collecting money. As a nation we are generous and many were happy to either give or pledge what they could afford towards this cause. Listening to a commentary of this trail on live cam it seemed that some of those collecting the donations were in awe of the generosity of the people and tended to describe that such contributions were made by  the common or ordinary persons of this country. This statement quite astounded me as well as many others, especially since those who were happily relating their collecting experience are educated persons  holding responsible positions. It may have been a spur of the moment statement made when being filmed but one must give more thought when making such statements since it could be easily misconstrued as if they were acting or behaving like superior beings or being condescending and derogatory and, of course, being elitist. 

When watching talk shows it is quite obvious how politically correct people are, especially international telecasters. An example that should be followed by those who conduct talk shows on our local TV channels. I am sure many of us shudder when we hear and read some of the statements made in our local media that tend to be politically incorrect, set aside the pronunciation. It is essential if one wishes to get into this profession to actually study the subject and know what is right from wrong. Being perfect will only enable further progress in the field and  is an essential requirement. 

Think before you speak rashly or prepare yourself when going live on camera or when speaking or being master of ceremonies at public functions. Or else you may come out as being quite offensive and also sound like some Dumbo!


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