Beating the Heat

May 06 2016. views 316

Oh! Colombo 

It has been an extremely hot few months that have not been pleasant for most of us, especially for those living in the coastal areas, low country and the city of Colombo. Lucky are those who live in the cooler climes of the hill country where the days are pleasant and the evenings and nights are chilly and lovely. 

Air-conditioning has almost become a must in most homes. But the increase in the electricity bill adds more stress and gets peoples pressure up. Here again, lucky are those who have solar power and net metering. 

People try many ways to keep themselves cool. Keeping hydrated is the key, eating cooling fruits and vegetables such as watermelon and cucumber or juicing a variety of them and consuming it chilled does make a difference. 

Filling chilled water into bottle with and spraying the face from time to time is also an option.  However, this would not work for many ladies who are yet brave enough to wear so much make-up on their faces. Placing a bowl of ice and water in front of a pedestal fan or bower also seems to help. Those who are fortunate enough to have a garden with some large trees could fix a hammock and enjoy some time outdoors as it is less claustrophobic. Inviting people to outdoor functions is a definite no, no these days unless it is in a properly air-conditioned marquee and would be regarded as inconsiderate hosting since they do not seem to be taking the invitees comfort into account. 

Enjoying frozen treats like ice popsicles, ice cream and sorbets, wearing light clothes in pastel shades, filling a bath tub with water and tipping some ice cubes into it before getting in and having frequent showers are a good way to beat the heat. Slowing down and not doing strenuous work is yet another way to spare yourself from feeling tired and crotchety and making all your meetings at air-conditioned venues. 

All of us are looking forward to the foretold rains and the winds that would make it more pleasant for all of us to live on a daily basis.


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