Shonty, Belle & Sweet Pea

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Meet Saveeta’s adorable threesome Shonty, Belle and Sweet Pea!

Meet the pets:-

Name: Shonty (13 years)
Breed: Smooth Haired Fox Terrier

Name: Belle (4 years)
Breed: Street Pooch

Name: Sweet Pea (1 year)
Breed: Street Pooch

Owner: Saveeta De Alwis

What was the thinking behind naming them?

-Well Shonty’s name was Jonty (after Jonty Rhodes from the South African cricket team), but I was thirteen and wanted an S in his name… Hence Shonty!

-Belle, because she was absolutely beautiful like Belle from Beauty and the Beast!

-Sweet Pea was the name my mum gave but I believe there is a flower by that name… A really pretty one at that!

What is their daily routine like?

During meal time Shonty and Sweet Pea are like little pigs! Belle is more suspicious about what she eats so there are times we need to force her to eat! Bath time is in our old bathtub…. Pop each one in and bathe!

What is their favourite snack?

They will eat almost anything!

Do they have a favourite place to sleep and hang out?

On three little towels in my mum’s bedroom and my bedroom.

Do they like to dress up and take selfies?

Oh gosh! Shonty is the most patient when it comes to playing “Dress up” but the two girls are little more sceptical about it. And as for selfies, the girls LOVE them!

Have you always been a pet lover if so how did it all start?

I must say it was my family, especially my mom. She had a Smooth Haired Fox Terrier Mix while growing up and her love for animals grew on me too! I go absolutely NUTS for any dog or puppy I see…!

Who was your first pet?

An Angel fish called Timothy. It didn’t live very long unfortunately. I had tortoises, more fish and a duck before getting my dogs. I also had a cat for a short time.

What is it like to have a pet?   

I think people who don’t have at least one pet are missing something in their lives. I personally couldn’t imagine my life without one.

What is bathtime like?

I can’t complain really. Sweet Pea’s the heavies but she’s the most well behaved… Belle can be a nightmare at times – she hate’s water!

How do they react when you head out of the house and when you return?

My mum is usually at home so they don’t miss me much when I leave for work but when I return they go berserk! The two girls jump all over the place!

Could you imagine life without your pet or a pet for that matter?

Never. NEVER EVER! I would be completely empty if not for them! They are kids in fur after all!

What is the most precious moment you share with your pet?

Snuggles in bed and when I’m feeling down at times they provide a small furry shoulder to cry on.

By Natasha Fernandopulle


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