Meet Teddy Cooper!

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Meet the little destroyer! 

This little golden retriever is nothing but a sack of mischief. Barely able to put two and two together, he acts as if every naughty thing he does is forgivable. "Since he's just a pup, he's excused" explains his owner and he is indeed a cute fluff ball with adorable puppy dog eyes.  Honestly though look at that face! Who can say no to this cutie?


Pet's details 

Name: Teddy Cooper
Breed: Golden Retriever
Age: 2 and a half months
Owner: Nilukshi

What's the story behind the name/names you've given?

He has two names, not so common for a dog but he is special. The first name was suggested by my friends and parents as he does indeed look like a teddy bear. The second name was suggested by me as there is a YouTube star golden retriever named “Cooper”, and those videos made me want a golden retriever! And he responds to both names now.

What are mealtimes and bathtimes like?

Like any other golden retriever he LOVES water. The sound of water itself is enough for him to his tail wagging. Also he loves mud; hence we have to bathe him quite often. My Teddy is very greedy. He eats literally anything, including fruits, oh and furniture too! His favourite dishes are milk and pedigree, not that he has many to choose from as he is still on a very healthy diet!

Does he do anything out of the ordinary which fascinates you?

I’ve been with him for very short time but yet he doesn’t fail to fascinate me daily by his cute acts. He loves to hide! Any corner any small gap he would creep in and then cry as he gets stuck! He would even creep through a window! He doesn’t realize he grows daily, and still tries to creep into the smallest area. So if we can’t find him we just look in the most expected places and there you will find Teddy Cooper!

What is his most favourite fun time activity?

Every time is fun time for Mr. Teddy. He just wants to play with anything or anyone! But anytime he is in the garden he is happy as he can dig holes and eat things he is not supposed to as well as roll on mud.

What is the naughtiest thing he has done?

He's still a puppy so almost everything he does is naughty! But once he went behind the washing machine bit the water pipe and bathed in water and we had a time finding him! Apart from that he destroys furniture, shoes and clothes on a daily basis! All my jeans have teeth marks, but no complaints he is still a baby.

How did you find him?

I wanted a dog for about 6 months and a really good friend of mine found him for me.

How does he react when you return home?

Despite the fact that he is still small, he greets me when I come home. The excitement on his face is unexplainable. He starts wagging jumping biting, and he is so happy to see us.

What's the best thing about him?

The best thing about him is that he makes coming home exciting. Everyone in my family look forward to playing with him and his cuteness is all what you need after a tired days work. They say a puppy is a bundle of joy, and I couldn’t agree more. He still learning things but I am sure when he grows up he would definitely be a loving and protective dog.

What was the most unforgettable moment that you shared with him?

From the day I got him every memory I’ve shared with him is unforgettable. It was indeed love at first sight. The first day I went to see him and when he came running to me, I knew he was the one.

By Eshani Seneviratne


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