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When the friendly puppy approached Roshani on a night out, she knew she couldn't leave the puppy out on the ruthless streets alone. Today, Rizey is a huge part of her life.

Breed : stray (adopted)
Age : around 5 years
Owner : Roshani Kumarasinghe

How did you find your pet? 
I went out one night to a bar and she was outside. She was the most friendliest puppy. She was pulling my dress and jumping on me.. it was adorable.. I always pet strays, wherever it is.. but she was extra friendly and really got my attention. When I was leaving she was there, she had dug a hole and was sleeping in it. I felt so sad. And that was it. I put her in my car and took her home.

What’s the story behind the name you've given? 
So she is named after the bar where I found her at.. lol.. there use to be a bar called "RIZE BAR". And I called her Rizey!

What are meal times and bath times like? 
Well when I use to live here I use to bathe her once a week. And everyone asked me what I use to keep her coat so shiny, it's just sunsilk hehehe.. but now that I'm away my parents take care of her for me.. her meal times are: usually milk in the morning around 9.30am and then lunch at noon and dinner around 7pm. She eats chicken and rice or bread.

What’s her favourite thing to do? 
She loves to hang with me.. honestly follows me around the whole day when I'm home.. other than that she loves to try and chase/catch pole cats. she gets super excited and actually annoyed. We sometimes have polecats that come to the roof and Rizey would just go nuts.

And she LOVES LOVES LOVES to get petted.. by anyone. She does this cute thing where you can't stop petting her, she would cry and take your hand and make you keep petting her. 
And she loves to sleep! Sleeps on my bed with me and cuddles.

What’s the naughtiest thing she has done? 
She got on the roof once.I freaked out!!! She jumped off our balcony and onto the roof. And just walked around.. I had to kinda get on the roof to get her back and I was so worried for her. Now she's not allowed in the balcony alone.

How does she react when you return home? 
It's so cute. I won't do justice to it by just writing it, but she just goes nuts. And especially when I come home from abroad it's just so sweet. She jumps and cries and always topples me over. But to topple me over - she definitely has help. Cause I have a total of 6 dogs. LOL

Does she do anything out of the ordinary that fascinates you? 
She climbs the walls. She is super athletic. Like can jump over the gate and like jump and climb the wall pretty high. She jumped off the balcony too.

What’s the best thing about her? 
I'm the luckiest person to have found her. Honestly I always tell her that.
The best thing is how much she loves me. It's so adorable. She's sad when I'm sad and happy when I am.. She understands so much and I love how she follows me around. I'm never bored with her around. Oh and she will sleep as late as I sleep. She will cuddle the pillow and snooze away.

What was the most unforgettable moment you've shared with Rizey?
When I took her to an embark event she got so scared, I remember that I had to pretty much carry her the whole day. Hahaha poor girl. She is so athletic and so forward at home, but was so cute how she got super scared and nervous and just wanted me to carry her and hold her close to me the whole time. She doesn't get our much, but this day showed me that I'm her mom.And I do treat her like my kid.


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