Meet Pepper and Sashimi!

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This week we feature  Cecile’s Rodrigo’s cute, naughty and energetic pups, Pepper and Sashimi. These sisters are inseparable and love each other unconditionally.   

Pet's details:

Name/s and age: Pepper & Sashimi (10 months)
Breed: Sri Lankan special mixed breed
Owner: Cecile Rodrigo

What was the thinking behind naming them?

I got both puppies from an adoption programme for stray dogs called ‘Adopt a Dog in Sri Lanka’. They publish pictures of dogs that are up for adoption on Facebook. My husband and I both love tuna sashimi and when I saw that little puppy named ‘Sashimi’ on their Facebook page she immediately caught my attention. When we went to the foster home to see Sashimi she had another sister and it seemed as though they were both really close, so it was difficult for me to decide which of the pups to take home. Luckily, my husband suggested we take them both. ‘Pepper’ was the name given to her by her foster mum and in German if you are an active person we say, “she has pepper in the butt” – so I thought it was a perfect fit.

Take us through Pepper and Sashimi’s daily routine.

After getting up both of them play hell, teasing the two cats and the three other dogs while also entertaining  the office staff (which is luckily at home, so they get lots of attention). After breakfast, they continue their games, which include chasing the squirrels and chicken in the garden and taking baths in the Negombo Lagoon. In the afternoon they are brushed, which they love, as they always get a treat afterwards. When I finish work we often have a small training session where I teach them simple tricks which also included learning to walk on the leash.

What’s their favourite snack?

Marrow bones. Sashimi hides them from the other dogs by digging a hole in the garden and when they are not around, she collects them and keeps all of them in her doggy bed.

Do they have a favourite place to sleep and hang out?

They have a doggy bed, but their favourite place is the couch (which they are not allowed on) and in the night, they sleep with me.  

Do they like dressing up and being photographed?  

Not much. In fact it is tough to take pictures of them unless they’re asleep, as they can never sit still.

Have you always been a pet lover?

Yes I have. When I was a kid, we always had cats and dogs.

Who was your first pet?   

A cat named Lisa, who used to sleep with me in my crib when I was little.  

What is having a pet like?

It means lots of loving and being loved at all times.

What is bath time like?

They are good girls and allow me to wash them, but they don’t like it much (it is more because they have to sit still and not so much about the water). Compared to the big dogs though it is great, as one of them hates it so much, she even jumps off the pier and swims to the neighbour’s place upon realising it is bath time.  

How do Sashimi and Pepper react when you head out and when you return home?

They are fine when I leave and prefer staying at home (because they HATE travelling in the car), but they are thrilled when I come back, so lots of jumping, kisses and tail-wagging follow upon my return.  

Could you imagine life without Sashimi and Pepper?

Without a pet, I would feel like something is missing; they are a part of my life.  

What is the most precious moment you share with Pepper and Sashimi?

I would say it is cuddle time. Especially when my husband is out and I allow them to sleep on the couch with me.

By Natasha Fernandopulle


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