Meet Penny Girl!

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Meet the little rug with teeth; Penny girl! She's quite the cutie when it comes to looks, also she has managed to impress the older dog in the house and not be jealous of her!  Her size makes her look like a plump little rabbit, but she possesses none of the calm, quiet qualities of one!  She can be an absolute darling, with her fur coat shielding her eyes and be such a pet to play with. Penny is definitely the best stress buster you could ask for!

Pet's Details 

Name: Penny
Breed: Tibetan terrier
Age: 5 months
Owner: Jeevani

What's the story behind the name you've given her?

She has the same colour combination as of a penguin, but since it's harder to address her, shortened it to Penny!

What is a typical day like for Penny?

She usually wakes up early morning and wakes the whole house up until she gets her morning milk. Then she nicely sleeps the entire day until lunch and then eats like a boss and sleeps again, while we are struggling from lack of sleep thanks her! She also annoys Balu every now and then and when we come home she just goes nuts, bites, barks, jumps, basically she just goes crazy. Once she's had her dinner she plays for a while then gets tired of playing and goes to sleep and expects us also to go to sleep as well without disturbing her! She loves weekends as everyone's at home and gets all the attention in the world. From one hand to another, she's treated like a little baby by the whole family.

What are mealtimes and bathtimes like?

She gets a nice bowl of milk in the morning, lunch at 12 and a few in between snacks secretly fed to her by those in the house, and then another hearty meal at 6pm. Although she's little, she isn't picky with her food but has the most unpredictable moods! She's also bathed, dried and powdered every Saturday morning!

Does she do anything out of the ordinary which fascinates you?

While playing suddenly she turns off her hyperactive craze and goes to sleep almost implying that she's too tired! It's fascinating because one minute she turns absolutely devilish, next minute she's a sleeping angel!

What is her most favourite fun time activity?

Early morning after the milk feed.

What is the naughtiest thing she has done?

So far apart from destroying the coffee table, teething on everything she gets hold of and waking everyone up early in the morning; she annoys Balu (our older dog) by constantly trying to play with him or by playing with his tail, making Balu growl or bark at her.  This one time she had gotten hold of a roll of tissues and had torn it apart and it was all over the house. Also my sons' shoes were used as her chew toy and the list goes on and on!

How did you find her?

From my friend Niru.

How does she react when you return home?

She's always thrilled and wants to play immediately. She has such a good sense of who's back after work as she barks in a way of greeting, almost as if she's informing the other members of the family as to who's back. Shes always very excited when someone comes home as she has no one to play with. Balu is quite old and gets annoyed easily. So when we return home the terror begins for us. But I think after a hard day's work you need it.

What's the best thing about her?

She gets on with our older dog and brother Balu, and keeps quiet when Balu gets irritated with her. She's also a bundle of joy makes us forget everything and play with her.

What was the most unforgettable moment that you shared with her?

She cried when Balu met with an accident. She's also very protective of him, as if she's known him all her life! She also adds colour to our lives by been a carefree little thing, always able to cheer anyone up.

By Eshani Seneviratne


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