Meet Nelly

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Meet and Greet with Nelly! 
Nelly, as unusual may the name sound for a female, the owner has a great story to narrate regarding how it came into being. Nelly is a companion and she makes you feel at home.  Although she may look big and tough, she is a big goofball who loves company and is up to play any time of the day. She's also quite protective over family and is very patient. 
Pet's Details 
Name : Nelly
Breed : German Shepherd
Age : 5 years young 
Owner : Dhanuka Pathirana 
What's the story behind the name you've given? 
Funny story, the first time she barked when bringing her back home was while the song ‘Dilemma’ of Nelly was being played on radio. So why not. It IS a unisex name after all! 
What is her most favourite fun time activity? 
She’s a sucker for tennis balls. Seeing her drop the ball is a rare sight. 
What is the naughtiest thing she has done? 
The night we brought her home she had pooped in my washroom right where I bathe and kept barking at it all night long. She may have found her own poop too weird I guess. 
How did you find her? 
The sudden thought of us adding another member to our family led us to her. We called this person who had told us about a litter a few weeks back, drove all the way to Mount Lavinia at around 9 in the night hoping to find a bunch of pups but instead we met a weak, scared, lonely 2 week old puppy who nobody had wanted since she was female and the last of the litter. With no second thoughts, we paid the owner and brought her back home. 
How did she react when you brought her home? 
Her reaction as soon as we got into the car was the most heart-warming and memorable. The first bark of joy with her tongue out, wagging her tail, jumping from one seat to another experiencing the feeling of being wanted for the first time. Happiness in her eyes literally showed. 
What's the best thing about her? 
Her love for us and kindness. 
What was the most unforgettable moment you've shared with her? 
As cheesy as it may sound I can’t really think of ONE particular moment since she makes these ‘moments’ a usual thing. She’s family to my friends, relatives and pretty much everyone that walks in through the gates. Nelly greeting me when I come back home from work or anything, is pretty much one of the favourite things that I love about her. 
By Eshani Seneviratne


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