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Saying Hi to Kyla girl! 

Extremely picky yet, overwhelmingly loving Kyla is one of a kind. She loves her immediate family of four and hates it when she feels threatened or left out. Unlike other dachshunds, Kyla enjoys eating beans which makes her one unique little pup!

Pet's details

Name: Kyla
Breed: Dachshund
Age: 1.5 years
Owner: Akila Weerasinghe/ Charindee Weerasinghe

What's the significance of the name you've given her?

We took a while to figure out a name for her because we wanted her to have the best fancy name possible and Kyla is a name one of my closest friends Shanya suggested. Even though we had many other names in our list, Kyla is the only name that she started responding to, so we went with it!

What is a typical day like for Kyla?

Well she has her days; sometimes she’s up early in the morning when my mother wakes up or she would curl up and sleep in my bed near my feet. She has a huge pillow to sleep on and she doesn’t like any visitors touching her pillow. Kyla gets a bit pissed off and she’s very picky with people. Also, besides her three meals she gets a bit of every snack we eat and she’ll be up late if anyone is up. She’s the happiest during weekends because all of us are at home and she’s been given all the attention she needs and nice longer walks.

What are mealtimes and bathtimes like?

Every Sunday is her bath and nail trimming day and she’s not that excited about it but she loves it when she’s done. All of us have to run behind her with a towel, because she gets super hyper and she receives a special meal on Sundays as she gets extra hungry after her bath.

Does she do anything out of the ordinary that fascinates you?

The way she loves beans and the way she munches them so fast! When grocery shopping is done and the bags are kept near the fridge she would go through all of them looking for beans. Also my mom has to give her beans if they're kept to cook and randomly she would sit right in front of the fridge looking at it with puppy eyes till we give her beans! She’s a brat, I’ve to mention that. In addition to that, the way she’s attached to the four of us and no one else at all, even though we do attempt to find her other friends.

What annoys her the most?

She barks at anyone who stays in front of my house for too long and she hates when the garden is being swept as the sweeping noise bothers her. She won’t stop barking till it’s done!

What is her most favourite fun time activity?

She loves her yellow Donald Duck ball the most; it was her first toy and even though it's ragged. Also the next best thing for her would be her green rug, her towel and her pillow. If she feels like someone is friendly and she wants to play she would put one of those in her mouth and starts running close to that person, her favourite time is when we are all home together and we all play with her and she’s the happiest then.

What is the naughtiest thing she has done?

Within less than two to three weeks she ate all our phone and laptop chargers, brushes, slippers and what not, which was kind of bad.

How did you find her?

My brother got her for his 18th birthday but my father wanted one for a long time as he had a dachshund when he was young and my mother refused saying she’ll end up taking care of it but my brother and father played their cards too well and brought her home one fine day in December when my father received her from one of his friends.

What is she most afraid of?

When it's thundering with lightning she would go under the bed and also when there’s a big crowd at home she would do the same. In addition to that, she doesn’t enjoy being touched and petted by unfamiliar faces.

How does she react when you returned home after a long day?

We all come home to her as we mostly get home by 5pm (except my brother) and she’d be waiting for us. She gets extremely excited and we have to carry her, be with her and play with her regardless of how tired we are.

What's makes her the best?

Well you just fall in love with her every time you come and hug her and it doesn’t matter how bad your day was she makes you feel better.

What was the most unforgettable moment that you shared with her?

Well there’s a lot and most of them is when she is there for you to get through a hard day than any other person! Also her first birthday celebrations and one particularly dreadful day when she was extremely sick and I had to carry her and run to the vet as there was no one at home, but thankfully she recovered fast and is healthy as ever now!

By Eshani Seneviratne


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