Meet Keila!

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Meet Keila the Labrador and Shevon the human, two kindred spirits who were meant to be! 

Pet’s Details 

Name : Keila Mendis 
Breed : Labrador 
Owner : Shevon Mendis 
Age : 1 year and 2 months 

What’s the story behind the name you’ve given her? 

Keila is our first dog. So we were pretty excited when we got to know that we were getting a dog. So one day my sister and I were coming up with random names and we came up with the names Keila and Venice. And when we first saw Keila, She seemed more like a Keila than a Venice. So we named her Keila. 

What are meal times and bath times like? 

She eats thrice a day (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and my dad bathes her once a week. 

Does she do anything out of the ordinary that fascinates you? 

Keila is very methodical with her food. She never eats anything on the floor. And if we throw her a slice of bread, she would take it to her plate and then eat it. And at times she doesn’t eat unless my mum feeds her. Also if we give her rice for lunch, she would start eating it from the corner of the plate and eat it in an orderly manner. 

What is her most favourite fun time activity? 

She loves to go on her morning walks with my dad. She would run with her plate and trample it to make a noise to wake my dad up so that she could go on her daily walk. She likes her weekly baths as well. 

What is the naughtiest thing she has done? 

Well once when my dad took her on a walk, she jumped on to my dad and he fell and injured himself. And then she felt guilty and didn’t eat properly. 

How does she react when you return home? 

She gets super excited. Even if we go out for about 2 hours and come back to see her, she acts as if she hasn’t seen us in years. She starts jumping on me and brings her toy octopus to play with. And when she knows I’m tired she just starts licking me and just bends her head expecting me to pat it. 

What’s the best thing about her? 

The best thing about my Keila girl is the fact she keeps my parents company as my sister and I aren’t at home most of the time. Also she understands us so well, especially when I’m sad about something. 

What was the most unforgettable moment that you shared with her? 

Well the most unforgettable moment would be the first day she came to our house. She was only 5 weeks old and she slept in my room that night and she didn’t let my sister and I sleep the entire night. We were just playing with her throughout. 

By Upeksha Hettiarachchi


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