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Saying how do you do Katie! 

Named after the famous pop artist, Katy Perry, Katie is a male cat who enjoys outdoors rather than being cooped up inside. His inner sense of adventure takes over each time he is outdoors and his owner considers him a well behaved cat that has no issues sharing and caring unlike other mainstream cats. He is also protective, and loves his adoring family!

Pet's details 

Name: Katie
Breed: Crossbreed
Age: 8 months
Owner:  Rashika

What's the significance of the name you've given him/her?

It's quite a story. My fiancée loves Katy Perry. In honour of her, we decided to name her Katie. We have another cat named Perry. So whenever I want to call them, I go 'Katie Perry come'. (Katie is actually a male cat. We were told it was a female and we didn't even check. Later on, we found out through the vet that Katie is a male cat!)

What is a typical day like for Katie?

He'll wake up around 4.30 - 5 am and get me to open the door for him, so that he can get out of the house. He'll come home again at around 7 am and play with my other cat, Perry. He loves the outdoors and catching all sorts of insects. He will go to sleep whenever I go to sleep.

What are mealtimes and bath times like?

He has his first meal at around 8 am - usually leftovers from the previous night. Lunchtime is at around 2 - 2.30 pm. He loves his sardines and all kinds of meat. Dinner is at 8 pm. He ends the day with some cat food which I like to call as 'treats'. He loves his cat food. All I have to do is shake the bag of cat food and he will come from where he is.

Does he do anything out of the ordinary that fascinates you?

Yes. He loves getting petted and licking me. He'll get onto my lap and lick me.  While I pet him, he'll fall asleep on my lap.

What annoys him the most?

Sometimes he gets so annoyed at me, when I carry him home. He loves the outdoor and wants to eternally stay outside.

What is his most favourite fun time activity?

It's usually in the night when we show him a rope, all he wants to do is try and catch it. He will also put his paw in between the sofa and try to catch the long stick I put through it.

What is the naughtiest thing he has done?

He got stuck on the rooftop of my neighbours house thrice! He goes to my neighbour's house and does not know the way back. This usually happens at around 10 pm. So then we have to wait till the next morning to get him. He won't let anyone else pick him up, so I have to go to the neighbour's rooftop and bring him back! He's crazy!

How did you find him?

I got him from my fiancée's friend.

What is he most afraid of?

Other cats! If some stray cat threatens him, he'll just run into the house and everyone would know there is another cat in the vicinity.

How does he react when you returned home after a long day?

He loves seeing me. When I come home, he'll go between my legs and then get me to pet him.

What's makes him the best?

He's actually a very good cat. He lets other cats eat from his bowl especially Perry. Sometimes Perry eats from his bowl and he'll do nothing. He'll sit next to Perry and watch her eat. Then he'll look at me and I can see how hungry he is. He is really cute. He also protects all of us.

What was the most unforgettable moment and you shared with him?

I guess every moment is unforgettable with Katie, but surely even you'll agree that the most unforgettable moments were when he got stuck on the neighbours' rooftop.

By Eshani Seneviratne


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