Meet Chicky Chicky Choo!

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Meet Chicky! As elegant and chic as the name given to her, and a massive fan of chicken (who isn’t?), not to mention the fact that apart from being adorable she’s also quite snooty and stubborn just like the owner himself. But this four legged darling, is always up for some good fun and loves to make new friends in her own quirky, jolly good ways. 

Pet Profile 

Name : Chicky 
Breed : Mixed 
Age : 4 
Owner : Akil Attanayake 

What’s the story behind the name you’ve given? 

My dad had a very good track record of coming up with weird names, but the name for this dog is spot on. Chicky’s quite a big headed and haughty girl, probably due to her good looks as well as the fact that she gets much more spoilt than I do. 

What are meal times and bath times like? 

We feed her twice a day. One thing about Chicky is that she’s very picky about her food; it’s either chicken or a very specific type of fish. She loves a good bath and loves running around the house like a fanatic just after the bath. 


Does she do anything out of the ordinary which enthralls you? 

For starters, nothing about Chicky is ordinary. From the elegant way she walks, to the ladylike composure she has, you would definitely feel that you’re dealing with owner of the house. Occasionally though, she does lose all her elegance when she she’s her arch nemesis, Le Rat. 

What’s her most much loved enjoyment seeking activity? 

Her favourite fun time activity would be chasing me around the house trying to nip my leg, which is our version of run and catchers. 

What’s the one naughty thing she has done? 

When she ate my share of chicken while I was working so hard on getting her food ready, but hey! I still love Chicky regardless. 

How did it Chicky end up being part of the family? 

I found her as a ball of fluff in my store room, which is where her mom decided to give birth to her pups. Chicky was the first from that litter and naturally became the greediest from the lot as well. 

How does she react when you return home? 

She will run towards me while wagging her tail so hard you can hardly see it, proceeding to jump onto me, growling as if she’s asking me where I went. 

Has owning this much-loved pet made your life richer? 

Chicky has impacted my life so much that I can’t possibly imagine a life without her. She’s not really a pet for me, but much like my own adopted sister. 

What kind of funny and mischievous things does Chicky do? 

The funniest thing she does would be when she’s playing with the other pets in my house. To get their attention she would slap their face with her paw, hit them with her bum and run away. If they don’t consent, she would do a weird dance around them until she does finally get their attention. My mother says it’s quite stubborn, just like its master. 

What makes this beauty so lovable? 

She can be very annoying sometimes, but deep down; she loves me and my family more than she loves her tea. Chicky is the most human dog I’ve set my eyes however she can be such a dog at the same time. With all the airs she put on and all the things she does to brighten our day and make us smile, you will, inevitably, fall in love with her. 

By Zainab Fazal


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