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Say hello to cute and fluffy Brucie! He's one of a kind and fears none. Adored by everyone around him, including complete strangers, he has the ability to charm anyone who isn't particularly a cat fanatic. Bruce loves his food and has dog-like qualities which surprise many. What makes him distinctively unique is that, unlike other cats he's not a proud feline nor is he antisocial!

Name: Bruce
Breed: Maine Coon and Persian cross.
Age: 4
Owner: Sandi

What's the significance of the name you've given him?

Aaaah hahaa! He's been named Bruce, after Bruce Forsyth - who's a British entertainer and a cheeky chappy, and was bit of a ladies man back in his day!! The original Bruce is getting on a bit now, but his younger feline contemporary is quite the charmer! He's got all the neighbours wrapped around his fluffy paws and especially the ladies who are forever giving him treats and cuddling him! He's so friendly and happy and I haven't met anyone who hasn't taken to him. Even people who aren't "cat-people" have taken to him because of his larger-than-life personality!

What is a typical day like for Bruce?

Brucie, well, he's a very sociable cat. He bounds up to me in the early hours and sits on my chest purring for me to wake up. As he's rather massive and heavy I usually wake up as I can't breathe! Then he just follows me around everywhere, he has milk when I have my morning tea, and gets a slice of wholemeal toast with marmalade when I have mine. He goes out for his morning exploration in the garden, chasing butterflies and stalking imaginary things like he's king of his jungle! When I was at university he was home alone, so used to visit the neighbour's houses while I'm gone. Apparently he visits around four/five neighbours and plays with their pets and comes back home in time to greet me!!

What are meal times like?

Mealtimes - he's always happy with mealtimes and is never a fussy eater. He gets Felix and Whiskas, and Sheba - a mix of wet and dry pet food, in various fishy and meat flavours to keep it a bit varied. He loves the mackerel and rabbit ones! He's also partial to a bit of roast chicken and is always curious when I'm having something, but I try and not give him too many treats as he was getting a bit fat at one point!

Does he do anything out of the ordinary that fascinates you?

His entire personality is out of the ordinary!!! I think he thinks he is a person - or a dog even because he's literally more comfortable around people and bothers the neighbour's dogs trying to play fetch with them. He's got his toys and balls that he'll bring to you for you to throw for him to fetch! He purrs so loudly I thought there was something wrong with him at first, but the vet just assured it was just his personality and that he was a very vocal and opinionated cat!

What annoys him the most?

No attention! He lives for attention. He knows he's rather impressive looking too and I often catch him staring at his reflection in the mirror!! If I ignore him - say I'm watching my favourite TV programme - he'll either bat the remote out of my hand, walk on it to change the channel, or he'll actually go and stand right in front of the TV! If all that fails he'll jump up on the sofa head behind my head and butt the side of my face until I ask him what he wants!

What is his most favourite fun time activity?

Playing!! When I'm out in the garden pottering about he likes to play this hide and seek game in the grass and amongst the flowers!  It's absolutely adorable. He thinks he's a tiger, well he IS like a mini tiger as he's a Maine Coon and Persian cross so he's absolutely massive - about a metre long! And he looks fierce with his tabby markings, but he's actually like a fluffy baby tiger-bear! He's a complete softie, really soppy goofball!

What is the naughtiest thing he/she has done?

Naughtiest thing!!! Soo many naughty things! He's always bringing  little critters and "offerings" from the garden and putting them in my bed!! I found a frog once - and another time it was some old random smelly shoe that I'd never seen before!

How did you find him?

My neighbour at my old house knew how much I adored cats as I always had her cats around my place! Her mum's Maine Coon had had a litter so I got to pick Bruce - when I went to see the kittens, he bounded up to me like a puppy, and he had me there hook, line and sinker!!

What is he most afraid of?

I've never noticed anything he's actually afraid of! He's so confident and friendly he'll approach a massive dog and try and play!

How does he react when you returned home after a long day?

He waits on the side of the roof around the time I'm due home, and then runs down to greet me. I don't know why he waits outside when he can be inside but I think it's probably to get a first glimpse of me down the street!

What's makes him the best?

Just everything about him!!! His gregariousness,  his sweetness, his endless energy! And that ability cats have to make everything just better when they come upto you for a cuddle.  I love him to bits!

What was the most unforgettable moment and you shared with him?

Probably that very first time I saw him as a kitten, and how he just bounded up to me like I was someone he'd known in a previous lifetime. He had me from the get - go, and he's grown up to be the sweetest, loveliest cat!

By Eshani Seneviratne


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