Meet Adorable Mojo

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Pet's details:
Name: Mojo (5 months)
Breed: Rottweiler

Owners: Saliya Dharmadasa and Sashi Jayatunge

• What was the thinking behind naming your pet?

He ups our mood every time we see him, even from the first day we started visiting the litter. We never contemplated on which one it was going to be from the seven puppies. The name also was the first one we thought of and I think he has proven that since the day we named him.

• What is your daily routine like with Mojo?

I wake up for the alarm in the morning and Mojo who sleeps next to me, wakes up with me. But like a small child he refuses to open his eyes for the first five to ten minutes and holds onto my foot so I can't walk out. He comes downstairs with me, has his milk while I have my coffee and then he comes back to the bedroom with me to wake Saliya up. I bring him coffee and Mojo licks his face.

Once we are all up, we go for a walk on the beach, which he absolutely loves. We get back and have breakfast. He goes for a small nap while we go about our work. He doesn't have a big lunch as he finds it too warm during that time of the day. So he usually has some curd. Then he goes for a nap under his fan. If it is very warm, he comes to the bedroom and we have to knock on the air conditioner for him. During the evening he plays and is brushed and groomed everyday and then we all have dinner  and go to bed. As long as the air conditioner is on he sleeps soundly, otherwise he will be constantly wriggling around under the bed.

• What is his favourite snack?

Liver Biscuits which we purchase from ‘Whiskers and Paws’ in Pelawatte.

• Does Mojo have a particularly favourite place to sleep and hang out?

He sleeps in our bedroom and hangs out wherever we are. He does not own a kennel and has never been tied to a spot and kept.

• Does Mojo like to be photographed?

He is an absolute poser! Anytime we have a camera in hand he will pose!

• Have you always been a pet lover if so how did it all start?

Yes, we have always had pets since we were small children.

• Who was your first pet?

An Alsatian named Brutus. 

• What is having a pet like?

He gives us unconditional love and he is the biggest stress reliever as he will keep you in stitches with his antics all day long.

• What is bath time like for Mojo?

He loves his bath time and he loves being fussed over.

• How does he react when you head out and return home?

He gets very upset when we head out and he will be sitting with a mournful face until we return. The welcome home is like someone seeing us for the first time in years not just a couple of hours later.

• Could you imagine life without your Mojo?

Absolutely not.

• What is the most precious moment you share with him?

The many hugs and cuddles that we have together every day in the evening, where Mojo licks our faces and sits and purrs like a cat! There’s nothing quite like it!

By Natasha Fernandopulle


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