Greeting Oscar!

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Another one from the Wijesuriya family is this bundle of joy, Oscar! He's one of those Labradors; craves for meals on time. Any slight delay will bring about displeasure and we don't want that now, do we! Oscar's known to get a bit jealous as well. I mean it's quite normal considering that the attention is divided. But Oscar is almost like a big baby who just loves the attention. So why not give him some! 
Pet's Details 
Name : Oscar  
Breed : Labrador Retriever
Age : 1 year and 5 months 
Owner: Wijesuriya Family 
What's the story behind the name you've given? 
Contrary to popular belief that he was named after the Academy Awards (aka Oscars), it was a random name Ammi came up with and everyone agreed to it and it stayed. 
What are meal times and bath times like? 
If Oscar is hungry, he will tell us either by barking at us, making the oh-so-famous puppy face or by jumping on the bed and biting us. He will make sure he is fed on time. Bath times are normal and quite calm, until he’s wiped dry. Then he starts running around in excitement like a mad dog. 
Does he do anything out of the ordinary which fascinates you? 
Well he loves to be petted. He becomes very jealous if we are only petting our other dog. In the night, he would sneakily jump into the bed when no one is awake. He loves to cuddle as well.... almost human like. 
What is his most favourite fun time activity? 
Biting our other dog Izzie and getting her to play with him. Izzie being a bit older doesn’t like to play that much, but Oscar will bite her face, drag her from her tail and get Izzie to also play along with him. 
What is the naughtiest thing he has done? 
Running out of the door/gate when people come in. He would just run out and go to the top of the lane and even when we try to catch him he would side step us and run back!  He enjoys it too much. 
How did you find him? 
Given by a family friend. 
How does he react when you return home? 
Comes near us wagging her tail with our other dog and waits for a head pat. 
What's the best thing about him? 
He loves to have fun. He loves to jump to do anything fun.  The way he sleeps is quite interesting as he sleeps with all his legs up in the air when in deep sleep and it’s quite a sight to see. 
What was the most unforgettable moment that you shared with him? 
Playing with him and our other dog on the beach. It’s quite fun and entertaining to see them have fun like that and how they like it when we join in with the fun. 
By Eshani Seneviratne


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