What worries young people?

May 08 2024.

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Life asked 50 young Sri Lankans (18-28) what stresses them the most, and the answers were eye-opening.

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Many young people are struggling with their own insecurities and trust issues. This is a sad generation with happy pictures. Social media can curate an unrealistic portrayal of happiness, making it difficult for young adults to feel good about themselves and have real connections with finally rest now. *Young adults feel a sense of obligation to succeed financially to care for their loved ones in the future, likely due to seeing the struggles of their own parents' generation.

Middle-class students need support. Loans help, but I dream of repaying my parents who gave everything for my education. Some of them feel the weight of their education costs and the pressure to live up to their parents' sacrifices.

Most common answers

Building a stable career. Finding a fulfilling job that pays well is a major life goal for many young adults. The competitive job market and the pressure to succeed can be a significant source of stress.

Fear of the future itself. This is a broad concern that encompasses anxieties about what lies ahead. Young adults might worry about economic uncertainty, political instability, climate change or simply not knowing what path to take in life.

Financial stability. Affording basic necessities like housing, student loans, and a comfortable life can be a huge burden. The pressure to be financially independent can be overwhelming.



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