Stages of buying a book at a book sale

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‘Tis the season of book sales - the day every bookworm, those buying books for others and young couples in love wait eagerly for. If you're the bookworm, you would have saved up some cash and made a list of all books you want to buy. A sound game plan in tow, you would have already strategised your every possible move. If you're buying books for others you'll probably try to wing it or aim for New York Times or International Bestsellers. Because everyone's bound to enjoy titles on the bestseller lists. Right? If you're the loved up couple, then we honestly have no idea why you'd find a such a chaotic atmosphere date worthy. Most of us barely got out alive with our feet intact. But whatever floats your boat, right?

But if you were solely here for the books, here are the stages you go through when stepping into a book sale. 
**This list is based on the Big Bad Wolf which is a whole different concept to the Book Exhibition at the BMICH in September.


1. Feeling like a kid in a candy store.

Books are your candy, and the sight of them will overwhelm you. You may momentarily remain transfixed in awe, but you'll eventually snap out of it and whip into action. You're here for one reason and one reason only - to get your books.


2. Search mode on.

Book list in hand, you'll scour the aisles looking for your titles, focused despite having to brave large crowds and expertly maneuver the cart without injuring your fellow shoppers. Thanks to your research, you will probably be able to spot books you have your eyes on from a mile away.


3. Wait. This looks interesting…

Remember that strict budget you had? Maybe you could push it a little? Like a teeny bit? Technically, if you don’t invest in this book now you will pay a lot more when you invariably get it later. It's a saving, you reason. Before long, more books call out your name. You can't say no. You're saving so much more on the long run, you think as you grab the 10th book that wasn't on your list.


4. A vision of heaven

You glance at your now brimming cart and you feel like you're in heaven. You can't wait to read all of these books. In fact, you may actually start on one of them. You're stuck in a long queue on the way to the cashier and this would be an excellent way to kill time.


5. The onset of panic

All those extra books were all well and good but you realise you may have gone more than a tad bit overboard. In fact, you're definitely about to drown under the weight of all the increased expenses you're about to incur. Does this mean no more food outings for the next few months? No shopping for clothes? 


6. No regrets

You pay a lot more than you intended to, but the book you already started on has transported you to another realm and you've already forgotten about all the debt and the riches to rags life awaiting you. Books may not feed your tummy but they certainly feed your soul, you tell yourself, already singling out more books you want to buy.


The Bad Wolf returns!

It’s all happening again, at the SLECC (Sri Lanka Exhibition & Convention Centre from 28 June to 8 July – 24 hours a day, 255 hours non-stop! Doors open at 9am on the 28th, so get yourselves ready and come book-hunting with the Wolf!


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