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Today on my social handles what’s buzzing apart from the sad life we are living as Lankans in the launch of the all #RFCC Calendar for 2022, as someone in the entertainment industry, I think it’s very important for us to celebrate our own talent and see it go forward.

Raffealla Fernando is one of the most highly acclaimed fashion personalities in the Sri Lankan industry, having established herself as a fashion designer, stylist, celebrity photographer, and later as a film art director, she has made her wave both locally and internationally. I'm delighted to be featured in her 10th year anniversary Calendar which has been so well thought of and executed.

Speaking to me about her love for both fashion and photography she says “It was fashion designing that came first. I started designing or working as a designer professionally at a very young age and it was 3 years later when I started photography. So, this year marks my 14th year as a designer and 11th year as a photographer” and stepping into the 12th year seems rewarding and exciting”.

As it’s an anniversary collection the calendar featured 24 faces this year and each month for shared by two or three. The event took place at the Kingsbury Colombo with the theme black and gold and if I can pick my favorite, I will have to say Aseka Wijewardane.

Here’s wishing Raffaella the best for the years to come.

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Danu Innasithamby

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