Paata Paata Heena

Nov 17 2023.

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Imaya Jayawardene’s song ‘Paata Paata Heena’, successfully aired on the radio recently with the official music video set for release soon. A student at Frank D. Paulo Intermediate School in Staten Island, NY, Imaya has a profound love for music and is proficient in playing the guitar, flute, saxophone, and some piano. Imaya is dedicated to studying music and cherishes singing songs in various languages, including English, Sinhala, Hindi, French, and Persian.

During her summer visit to Sri Lanka, Imaya had an unexpected aspiration to create her own song and music video. Despite the visit primarily being for a cousin’s wedding and lasting less than three weeks, she successfully managed to achieve this feat with the help of a close family friend. Among numerous songs presented to her by lyricists, she selected a song, found the right music director, learned the song, and recorded it within a tight two-day timeframe.

“Lyricist Shehan Galahitiyawa did a phenomenal job writing lyrics upon our request,” she states adding that the music director, Priyantha Nawalage, played a crucial role in this incredible creation, fostering a great collaborative partnership. After recording the song, Imaya aimed to produce a music video just four days before departing from Sri Lanka. With efficient planning, they swiftly assembled an excellent crew led by Ramesh Malintha, who dedicated a day to producing a remarkable music video with Imaya.

Upon completion of the video, Imaya reached out to Sirasa and later M-Entertainment for song promotion. She faced the challenge of live interviews in Sinhala, a language she understands but cannot fluently speak. Despite the stress, her song, ‘Paata Paata Heena’, successfully aired on radio. Looking ahead, Imaya aims to create more music videos, aspiring to showcase her talent to a wider audience. She also hopes to improve her proficiency in Sinhala for better social interactions. While unable to visit Sri Lanka frequently, Imaya actively participates in her school’s jazz band as the lead singer and tenor saxophone player, helping them secure the highest award, ‘Gold with Distinction’, in a music competition last year. She also contributes as a singer and bass guitarist in her school’s Pop-Rock Band and continues her musical journey in various bands using different instruments.

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