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Dec 21 2015.

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A digital marketing manager until recently, Yohan's entrepreneurial spirit has seen him give up his job and embark on his own by bringing down bunjee jumping for the first time to Sri Lanka which will take place in January 2016. A stickler for good food, Yohan prefers to travel around Sri Lanka exploring undiscovered vistas and experiencing local life at its best. 
Why do you love travel? 
It helps me recharge my “batteries” in a way. It’s really nice to see new vistas and be part of different experiences. Besides what’s the point in life if you are stuck just to your home and office? 
Your favourite travel destination and why? 
I mostly travel in Sri Lanka, the main reason for that is I believe that we need to explore the country we have before we go explore somewhere else. Currently I have holidayed in south coast, west coast, and north west coast and of course the hill country. And as per my favourite destination I will have to choose kalpitiya. It’s mainly because the place we usually go to (Palagama) is a lovely place, we have our favourite cabin, which opens the door to the beach. And the fresh fish they have for dinner is to die for. Also they get very creative with their food, and will always produce a different taste palate with every meal. The whole place is set up in such a way that you can get isolated in your own little world and no one will come to bother you. Also the staff is very friendly but in the same time they know how to keep their distance without making you feel uncomfortable. And the other added benefit is there is whale watching and kite surfing. It’s the ideal spot when you want to escape from the busy life and just take some time off for yourself. 
What do you need for a perfect holiday? 
Nothing much really. A good place, which doesn't necessarily have to be a very posh or expensive place. Someplace nice, calm and close to nature with good food. 
In which country have you felt most at home? 
Sri Lanka of course but England comes a close second. 
Most unusual souvenir you have brought home? 
I don't usually buy any souvenirs, nor do I take a lot of pictures either. But the most bizarre thing I’ve bought back home is a feather I got from a drag queen in Blackpool when we went to watch a cabaret. 
Worst holiday or travel experience? 
A dismal trek to a camping site in the rain but the next morning the views made up for the leaking tent and the long hike. 
Best piece of travel advice? 
Forget about everything, be selfish and take the time for yourself. 
Your top five travel destinations? 
Palagama in Kalpitiya 
Vil Uyana 
Peak District, England 
Meemure, a village in Knuckles 
Heritance Kandalama Hotel 
What has travel taught you? 
Enjoy life while you can, you don't live forever. 
Which country did you taste the best ever cuisine? 
In Sri Lanka, at Vil Uyana. The food was amazing. 
Next travel destination? 
East coast. 
By Tina Edward Gunawardhana


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